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Senior Marshal of the Army
In office
march 23 2021 - present
Predecessor Raph Baruh
Successor None
Personal information
Born un-know
Des plains, Illinois
Citizenship New German, American
Ethnicity Greek, German Assyrian
Residence unknown
Profession unknown
Religion Islam

Steve is a Major in the Grand Heer of New Germany. He commands the 1st Border Guard Division. He (as of march 23 2021) has been promoted to senior marshal of the Heer, his favorite pastimes are having golf outings in disputed territory to exercise dominance.

in late 2021 steves deserted the new german heer and led the anglo-suomi union. And is now at war with wegmat and new Germany and is currently being targeted by the new german government. And is currently seeking a peace agreement to invade Wegmat and form an alliance

Military service

Steves created plans for a counter-attack during the Battle of Bobbygrad.[citation needed] He also partook in operations in the early stages in the Weg-New German War and planed defenses for future wars. He has been a recluse since about later 2020. He is a commander of the Anglo Suomi army

Famous quotes

”Wegmat is bad”

”no people moment”

”can I join the GUM”

“Tea is delicious”

“L moment”

“Why do we use discord”

“Commies bad”