Weg-New German War

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Weg-New German War
Location of the main theatre of war in Priory National Park
DateJanuary 2020
Result New Germany victory
Empire of New Germany

Kingdom of Wegmat

New Macedonia
Commanders and leaders
Vladimir Baruh Nate M.
6 3

The Weg-New German was a war over control of the Priory Grasslands that lasted about 1 month in January 2020


In early January 2020 Bobbygrad and It’s surrounding areas voted to secede from the Kingdom of Wegmat. The Wegmat Government at the time did not respond with it. Only 1 day later the Empire of New Germany declared war on the Kingdom. The Wegmat Authority responded with 2 patrols in the Priory Grassland. The second patrol at 17:30 was shot by Airsoft Guns from the New German military.


Operation Dummy Thicc

On January 13, the New German military Had a land invasion of the north entrance of Priory National Park. In the opening days of the operation nothing happened due to none of the opposing forces met up. The following days was where two officers of the Wegmat Authority were shot by New German troops.

hill 101

In February the Battle for Hill 101. Wegmat and it’s allies were supposed to help drive a spire head into New Germany. New Macedonia started the battle controlled the hill. New German Soldiers were stationed in Trel. Original the New Germans were pushing but the swords kept the New Germans at bay then a sniper perched on top of a dug out and picked of New Macedonian soldiers. Since Wegmat did not arrive New Macedonia surrendered and it was decided only land was lost.

Operation Kickstart My Heart

Operation Kickstart My Heart was planned by the Wegmat Armed Forces as they invaded through the terminus of Provincial Road 7. The Weg operation flanked from behind. However a sniper was hiding in a building in Teel where the forces had to retreat once again. The next invasion was with only one person, Sinlo Chambel. It was ultimately a failure as the 1st Swordsman was shot by New German Troops Again. However the force was able to hold the town of Trel until surrender.

Intelligence Operations

New Germany

Mark Y. Posed as a Wegmat Marines officer to gain information for the Empire of New Germany. Late Mark revealed to be a spy and left Wegmat to New Germany.


Wegmat Had it’s own operation my the Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry. Information was gained via a spy who is still in New Germany. Other information was given by Vladimir Baruh flexing his military strength.


On January 25 The Prime Minister of Wegmat, Cole Baird wrote the Treaty of Roosevelt (sometimes referred to as the Treaty of Chariot'sville or Treaty of Kapreburg however it was not signed in Charriot'sVille or Kapreburg) was a treaty ending hostilities with both Belligerents. It gave Levare to New Germany and the Wegmat Ministry of Transportation was to manage New German Transportation.