Nördliches Land

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Linnia (Nördliches Land)
Motto: dla Cesarstwa i Cesarza (Translation: For Empire of Kaiser)
Anthem: “Die Wacht am Des Plaines”
Official languagesEnglish, Polish
• Kaiser
Vladimir Baruh
• Provincial Senate Representative
Sir Charlie
13 January 2020 (Empire of new Germany)
7th February 2022 (Grand Dutchie of Weimar)
• Total
0.85 km2 (0.33 sq mi)
• Estimate
Time zoneCentral Standard Time

Linnia also known as Nördliches land is a Northern Territory that is used for training, manufacturing, and other industrial activities. the province as a micronation could be dated back to 2014, however it joined New Germany on January 13, 2020. it is mostly a forested area with most of the urban areas being i New Warsaw. notable features include a part of the North Branch of the Chicago River and a metra line runs north through the Linna, woods the name sake of the province.