List of New German war crimes

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New German soldier blindfiring during the Midlothian War.

The numerous iterations of the Democratic Weimar Republic, including the DNGR, the Republic of Weimar and the Empire of New Germany, have partaken in numerous questionable military actions. They are listed below in chronological order of conflict.

New German-Weg War

Jack O'rav shoots a dog

During the opening days of the war, a New German infantry unit encountered a K-9 unit; during one battle, Jack O'rav held one of the dogs of the unit at gunpoint. Both the Weg Marines and New Germany infantrymen were yelling at him not to shoot; the trigger of his gun, however, was accidentally pulled. Luckily, the dog was not harmed.

1st Trell massacre

During the war, 4 Weg prisoners of war were shot by non-lethal firing squad on the orders of a squad on 15 January 2020.

2nd Trell massacre

On the order of Vladimir Baruh, soldiers were not to take POWs and were to shoot Weg soldiers on sight during the Battle of Priory on 16 January 2020.

February 20th incident

On 20 February 2020, 5 Weg prisoners of war were forced to dig entrenchments at Fort La Lemire. There, they were forced to dig through dehydration and hunger and reportedly were beaten by guards.

Trell bombing

During the closing months of the war, New German soldiers became desperate and fired bottle rockets and fire crackers at the city; they injured 2 civilians in the process.

Democratic New German Republic

The Robin genocide

in the summer of 2020 New Germany started a program of Robin extermination because "They kill and terrorize the worm Population of this fine world and they shall pay." in the proceedings months Steves was ordered by Vladimir Baruh to kill all robins he could. in the following months at Fort La Lemire New German troops heinously tortured and kill 3 robins and paralyzed another. the United States was called in and New German troops stopped there operations the same day.

Great Des Plaines Valley War

during the Great Des Plaines Valley War New Germany white still an autonomous province of Wegmat mistreated several rodentian POW who had surrendered. there was never a formal investigation and because of the New German no New German Soldiers were prosicuted.