1st Guards Marine Division

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1st Imperial Marine division
Countrythumb.png Empire of new Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Kriegsmarine
TypeAmphibious Assaults and secondary ship defense
RoleGetting a footholds from the water
Part ofStanderd kriegsmarine command structure
Garrison/HQNew Hamburg Navel base
Motto(s)Kill'em all and let god sort em out
MarchIm die marines
EquipmentStander issue
Chief sea marshalKaiser Vladimir Baruh


The gear is basic kriegsmarine uniform: Boots, Blue Jeans, A black Leather belt, White T-shirt, "Dixie cup" hat. The marines wear the same uniform but instead of "Dixie cup" they were m-35 stalhelms, K-98 ammo pouchs, and leather Y straps. It's optional to have: a Blue or camo(M1 pattern) service jacket, K-98 bayonet/frog, splinter camo helmet cover, Grey putties. Special issue gear: MG ammo pouch.

when the uniforms are worn

The Stalhelm, blue service jacket and white trousers are worn when marines are guarding ships, the service equipment stays the same( Y straps, belt w/kriegsmarine buckle, k98k pouches). The stalhelm, and all blue service uniform is used when on a amphibious assault, equipment consists of the standard marine service harness(Y strap, belt w/kriegsmarine buckle, K98K pouches) but may also include: Life preserves green or yellow(only worn on landing stages), Bread-bag(worn in mid stages of assault), Zeltbahn kit(includes new German Standard green Zeltbahn and anti mosquito Zeltbahn. Worn in mid stages of assault). Solders may carry there full marching order but is not required as not to get personal items wet.

Boat service uniform.
Amphibious Assault serves uniform


Officer ranks stay the same(unless re-enactmenting then wear the German equivalent of your rank on shoulder boards) The enlisted ranks are called the same thing but with different insignia.

NCO Enlisted men
E-5 E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1
Master chief Petty officer Seaman 3rd class Seaman 2nd class Seaman 1st class

Special training

Marines go through Army training not kriegsmarine training because they'll(Marines) will learn marksmanship, physical training, weapons discipline and other skills sailors don't need. They also learn basic survival skills and amphibious Assault training(river and lake class)

amphibious Assault classes

There three classes river, lake, and ocean. All have the same goal but different ways of execution. The multi purpose main training is: get out of boat into the water to avoid enemy fire, get infantry on beach, get machine guns on beach, have infantry take the beach defenses, then live of the land wile waiting for the heer to encircle the enemy or to reenforce or excuse the marines. This how it should go on lakes.


For safety reasons both sides must wait till the marines are 10 feet on the beach or bank to fire, unless the bottom of the river can be felt without submerging ones head and the current is small to non existent.


New Germany has no costal territory's so this training is overlooked.