Order of The Iron Cross 1st class

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Iron Cross 1st Class
Awarded by the Empire of new Germany
Type: Military Medal
Awarded For: Awarded for valor in combat with not much risk of harm
Status: Currently Awarded
Established: 13 January 2020
First Awarded: 16 January 2020
Distinct Recipients: Vladimir Baruh, Jac ò rov, Noah D, sacaiv, steve, Senior Field Marshal Raph Baruh
Next (higher): Knight's Cross
Next (lower): Order of The Iron Cross 2nd Class

This medal is worn on the left breast pocket on the crease of the pocket on the jacket. It is the 2nd most common medal for valor.(survival of a bayonet charge, follow orders to the letter, ect). Most commonly Awarded for infantry bravery in combat for the duration of a assault.


  • ww2 version
  • hand made, hand stamped "brass cross.

The Brass Cross

The Brass cross is a hand made medal awarded to truly devoted soldier or Sailors of New Germany, commonly harsh conditions in combat(I.e. Battle of Priori) or one up from The iron cross 1st class but lower than The Knights Cross. It is stamped with the date of being written down of award, not when the physical medal is awarded. The medal it self looks like an Iron cross made of brass and has a hole in the top for a pin. 2 have been put into the award database but one has been awarded.

Vladimir Baruh's "Brass cross