1st Border Guard Division

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1st Imperial Border Guard Division
Country Empire of new Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Heer
TypeMilitary police and border guard
RolePolicing, Border security
Part ofStandard heer command structure
PatronSt. Michel
Mascot(s)German shepherds
EquipmentSpecial issue
Chief Field MarshalKaiser Vladimir Baruh
Divisional CommanderMajor Steve
Major Steve
Border guard vehicle symbolthumb.png
Heer vehicle symbolthumb.png

The 1st Border Guard Division is the acting border security force for New Germany, which runs the New German police force.


1st Grenztruppen regiment

The 1st Border Guard Regiment runs border security and customs at Bobbygrad Airport.


The Border Guard Regiment has 3 stations throughout New Germany.

1st K-9 Kompine

The 1st K-9 Kompine consists of Sergeant Charlie and Private Murphy.

2nd Police Regiment

The 2nd Police Regiment keeps order in the Grand Heer and runs the New German police force. They are also in charge of making sure soldiers don't desert during battle.

the New German Küstenwache Nordflotte

the New German küstenwache Nordflotte Is the largest fleet of ships in New Germany. It has 4 ships. It is in the boarder guard because it is a costal fleet and is responsible for coastal defense.


Winter General staff Senior officers Officers Enlisted men
All All SOF1-3 OF7-9 OF1-6 OF1-6 E 1-8
Officer Winter Uniform Enlisted Winter uniform General Staff Uniform Senior officer uniform Officer uniform Military Police Enlisted men uniform
thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png


The standard enlisted weapon is the airsoft Mp-40. The standard office weapon is the Airsoft P-38. Both take 6mm BB's. Other weapons used are New German stick grenades and M-1 machine guns(6mm).