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Bobbygrad along Electric Avenue
Map of Central Bobbygrad with former Wegmat Route 3
Country Empire of New Germany
Region Die Heimat
Settled 1957
Established 12 January 2020
 - Total 0.026 km2 (0 sq mi)
 - Water 0 km2 (0 sq mi)
Elevation 194 m (637 ft)
Population (2019)
 - Total 31
 - Rank 1st in New Germany
Time zone GWT (UTC-6)
Postcode 2

Bobbygrad is the oldest city in history in Wegmat and New Germany. Many events took place here such as, a child stole a car and ran it into a building.[citation needed] Bricks were thrown and many small scale gang wars with BB guns took place.[citation needed] Vladimir Baruh was the only one who could sort of keep things under control. When the Kingdom of Wegmat annexed the area the violence left.[citation needed] As of January 13, 2020 Bobbygrad left wegmat to make the Empire of New Germany. Bobbygrad is the capital of dei heimat witch is german for homeland because it is conected to most of the populous area.


In the long history of Bobbygrad many things occurred and it is the oldest country in the Wegmat territories. As of January 13 2020, the mayor of Bobbygrad, Vladimir Baruh and the Bobbygrad council voted to leave Wegmat. They made the empire of New Germany, placing Vladimir Baruh as Kaiser.

Pre Weg Annexation

Most of Bobbygrad was unexplored and therefore is only 5.05 acres of land. Back then there were 2 native American tribes: the Navaho and the Sawie. They were often threatened by invasion of pioneers. Soon the "Industrial Revolution" happened and wars started agents rival fallen. The uniform consists of any clothing and a hat with the rival fallen logo on it. They were responsible for the first alley war. Vladimir Baruh led the alley defense and after about a month or so the fighting in the alley stoped. Soon the Kids Red Legion rose in power, Vladimir Baruh once again defeated Tristan the boomer and never was seen again.

Post Weg Annexation

Soon A ultranationalist group known as the New Wegmat Republic (NWR) started to try and overthrow the local and national government. It soon turned to conflict, in mid-September NWR conflict started and dragged on a conflict on one front. It split Bobbygrad into north, center, and south. On November 4th 2019, BV or Bobbygrad Victory day. The locals usually call it Bobbygrad Libation day. It was a National holiday until January 13 2020.

New Germany

On January 13, Bobbygrad to leave Wegmat to form it's own country. By this point Bobbygrad stopped having much action so nothing much happened in the city itself but in it's southern suburb became a war zone. Tension on several separate occasions but were quickly resolved. As of march 1st it plunged into civil war witch led to the Weg-Rodentian War. The New German Communist party split from the rest of New Germany in Westerwald and Vladimir Baruh entrusted the fate of New Germany in Jac ò rov's hands. However Vladimir's dream of a fun civil war turned into a devastating mistake as Jac ò rov turned New Germany into the Ally. Vladimir was in raged and sent the New German Grenztruppen toq dispand or demoralize the would be revolutionists. Led by lav and Sacaiv the "Ally Coalition forces" backed by the Rodentian Jac ò rov conducted a military campaign against New German, Weg, and New Macedonian forces this included 3 gas attacks, a skirmish and a planed push into the city. However soon after Lav push for peace and partial independence rather than violence and having nothing gained, this action divided the ally into; people who don't care, New German loyalists, and Ally Loyalists, this also cut all ties with Rodentia. A planned "Battle for Bobbygrad" is being drafted however not going anywhere.

Two New German Soldiers fighting in Bobbygrad


The Bobbygrad City Council manages laws, infrastructure and taxes.


Bobbygrad being the largest city of course has notable sights.

The Brown Building

The brown building is the tallest structure in Western Chicago Micronational Influence Area no citizens live in it surprisingly.

The “Tree”

This house is in a tree. People have gone into it but they got in trouble. The origins of this building are unknown.

Vladimir's Manor

Vladimir Baruh's manor is designed to look like everyone else’s house to look like a down to earth guy. It has many defenses such as fighting holes and trenches, they are managed by soldiers who take residence in the manor.


Major Roads

  • NGR1.jpeg New German Road 1
  • W3 2.jpeg Wegmat Route 3 South of border terminates into NGR 1
  • Electric Avenue

Madeline Avenue or New German Road 1 leads into Bobbygrad and terminates at Electric Avenue. Streets can reach every building in Bobbygrad.


Weg Ways

Weg Ways when it was planned was going to stop in Bobbygrad however since the secession they have not gotten a license.

Bobbygrad Metropolitan Transportation

Bobbygrad Metropolitan Transportation (BMT) was a Wagon service late in Weg Bobbygrad that consisted of three lines, the Blue Line which went from the Former Weg Center to Bobbygrad Priory Intermicronational Airport, the green line which went from the Weg Center to former Sull and the yellow line which went from the Weg Center to Null. It was a office chair pulled by a bicycle similar to Weg Ways but Weg Ways uses a wagon. It’s unknown if they still operate but likely not.


Bobbygrad is serviced by BIP airport 6 Acreds from downtown. The New German military is said to operate there however Weg Air operates civil aviation flights.


A Pace and CTA bus stops in Bobbygrad city limits 3 times a day. This means you can get into Chicago very easily from Bobbygrad.