Bobbygrad Priory Intermicronational Airport

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Bobbygrad Priory Intermicronational Airport
Aerial shot of the Airport via Google Earth
Airport typePublic
OwnerEmpire of New Germany
formerly Wegmat Ministry of Transportation
ServesBobbygrad metropolitan area
LocationPriory National Park
OpenedApril 9, 2019; 3 years ago (2019-04-09)
Hub for
Time zoneGWT (UTC−06:00)
Direction Length Surface
ft m
7/27 182 55 Asphalt
Statistics (2019)
Aircraft operations17

BIP or Priory Airport was established as Priory Air Base before it was uses to transport cargo across Wegmat. Most operations their are cargo based for Weg Air. It is the Airport serving New Germany and Priory


Originally an extension of "the ally", it was Turned into Bobbygrad airport. After the seceding of Bobbygrad it became the border of Wegmat and the Empire of new Germany, it was one of the main reasons Operation Dummy Thicc was launched. After the first part of Weg war 1 it was given to the Empire of New Germany. However no known aircraft are registered in New Germany.

Aircraft Operations

Weg Air serves the airport both cargo based and smaller passengers such as mice or hamsters. For cargo the most commonly used plane is the LZI 4 Spad S.VII for cargo operations and sometimes passenger.


Airline Destinations Terminal
Weg Air Two Pine  • Paradise City  • Xavier  • Kiser  • Prarik  • Fort Jerome  • Evansville  • Chloek  • Isadora  • Natetoria City  • Key Tinalè (seasonal) Terminal 1
Tomcall Airlines Natetoria City  • Paradise City Terminal 1
New German military Military use Terminal 2
Weg Air Cargo Two Pine  • Paradise City  • Xavier  • Kiser  • Prarik  • Fort Jerome  • Evansville  • Chloek  • Isadora  • Natetoria City  • Key Tinalè Terminal 2


Map of Bobbygrad airport

New German Boarder guard Station

The New German Boarder guard Station 1(NGBGS for short) also know as the registration office is were you go to register you aircraft, paper check and reviewing of cargo is done. The way to register a aircraft is to email, and ask fo an appropriate time and day, who your flying with, and what your packing. On said day 1-3 New German Boarder guards will check you identification papers(must show to fly), check the cargo at least 2 times(standard protocol) to check for illegal objects, and escort you to the correct terminal for departure. After departure you must leave you contact information for landing back again and you must repeat the process backward. If illegal objects are found they must go through new german interrogation to see wear it came from and then prosecuted by New Germany and there home nation.

Terminal 1

Terminal 1 or T-1 is used for civilian usage. It is the first terminal when entering, it is used by weg Air and Tomcall airline. It can also be privately owned aircraft as-well.

Terminal 2