Wegmat Route 3

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Wegmat Route 3
W3 2.jpeg
Route information
Maintained by Ministry of Transportation
Length 1.65 km (1.03 mi)
Existed May 2019 – present
South End W1Seal.jpegW 1
North End NGR1.jpeg New German Highway 1
Two Pine, Bobbygrad, Priory
Major Junctions
W1Seal.jpegW 1
P 7
Bobbygrad Airport

Wegmat Route 3 or W 3 is a highway that connects Two Pine to Bobbygrad. It is the third most used route.

Route Description

W 3 begins at W 1 and goes north to Two Pine it then continues bast Concordia and to Priory the Route intersects with Seto Way and continue to the New Germanic Border. The route passes through Trel and has it's final exit at Priory Airport befor terminating at New German Highway 1.

Exit List

Province City Exit Number Road
Gliffork Unincorporated 1 W1Seal.jpegWegmat Route 1
Two Pine Two Pine 2 W2 2.jpegWegmat Route 2
Two Pine Two Pine 3 Lower Riats Avenue
Gliffork Priory 4 Seto Way
Gliffork Trel 5 Trel Avenue
Gliffork Trel 6 P 7 Approach
Gliffork Unincorporated 7 Priory Airport Wegroadsign1.jpeg
Die Helmät Westerwald 8 (Customs) NGR1.jpegNew German Highway 1