Wegmat Route 1

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Wegmat Route 1
Route information
Maintained by Ministry of Transportation
Length 4.87 km (3.03 mi)
Existed May 2019 – present
Yeetville, Thatcher City, Kiser, Jaccigrad, Xavier
Major Junctions
RC11.jpegRoute Connection 11
RC12.jpegRoute Connection 12
W4 2.jpegWegmat Route 4
Wegp2.jpegProvincial Road 2 (Toll)

Wegmat Route 1 usually referred to as W 1 is a loop that connects most In-Province cities in Wegmat. It is the most traveled on route in Wegmat. The Road Travels through the provinces of Natetoria, Gliffork and Essef. The road can carry automobiles in some parts but bikes can go through the entire route.

Route Description

W 1 passes under a rail bridge of the former Soo Line.

W 1 begins at W 2 5 Acreds out of Two Pine in Gliffork. The route travels west along Chicago Avenue and has interchanges with RC 11 that connects New Macedonia and Chloek.


W 1 Enters Essef at an interchange with RC 14 and W 4.

The route then travels west until it reaches the outer limits of Thatcher City in Muse. The route continues south into the Eastern side of the city where it intersects P 2 that leads into The Suburbs of Thatcher City. It continues towards Kiser and out of the Des Plaines Woods


The route enters Natetoria briefly and Intersects P 3 to Natetoria City before re entering Gliffork


W 1 re enters Gliffork and intersects with RC 11 once again.

W 1 in Xavier.

As the route travels down Lake Street it turns North towards Xavier and throgh Xavier until it gets back to it’s terminus at W 3

Exit List

Province City Exit Number Road
Gliffork Unincorporated 1 W3 2.jpegWegmat Route 3
Gliffork Unincorporated 2 RC11.jpegRoute Connection 11
Gliffork Yeetville 3 Joe Smoe St.
Gliffork Yeetville 4 RC12 2.jpegRoute Connection 12
Essef Muse 5 W4 2.jpegWegmat Route 4
Essef Muse 6 RC14.jpegRoute Connection 14
Essef Muse 7 Broken Dreams Boulevard Wegroadsign1.jpeg
Essef Thatcher City 8 (Toll) Wegp2.jpegProvincial Road 2
Essef Salk 9 Salk Road
Essef Unincorporated 10 Rest Area Wegroadsign2.jpeg
Essef Kiser 11 WegP1.jpeg Provincial Road 1
Essef Kiser 12 Des Plaines Avenue
Natetoria Unincorporated 13 Wegp3.jpeg Provincial Road 3
Gliffork Xavier 14 Gliffork Street
Gliffork Unincorporated 15 Inbound Terminus at W3 2.jpegW 3