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Province of Wegmat
Founded4 April 2019
Area21.5 acres
GovernmentProvince of Gliffork
GovernorIan Brandis

Gliffork is the most densely-populated province in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Located East of Thatcher Woods. Gliffork is a in-province, meaning it is within the general area of Two Pine. Gliffork became a province with Two Pine and Priory National Park. Later Bobbygrad joined Gliffork until it succeeded into New Germany.


Present-day Gliffork was part of the Southern and Northern provinces. Made up of six houses. In late April 2019 the Kingdom of Wegmat laid claims on what at the time was the Thatcher colony. In mid-May 2019 the Province of Gliffork was founded taking up 5 of the original houses, 3 new houses, and 2 parks. Gliffork would be the center of Wegmat's economy with the addition of Bobbygrad in October 2019. At Gliffork's height in December 2019 it had a population of 56. when Bobbygrad succeeded Gliffork lost half its population and gave up its claims on Keystone. Gliffork continued to decline in size and population. When other provinces began allowing certificates of residency to be issued, Gliffork lost 4 more cities. Presently Gliffork is the smallest Province but not in population. Gliffork continues to be the center of most manufacturing requiring electric power.


The Bonnie Brae strip is a 100 foot winde strip of grass and trees running a qaurter of a mile from Priory to Augusta Street.

Gliffork is split into four counties, one of three provinces to subdivide. Priory County is the largest, with around 2 acres. It encompasses the Bonnie Brae greenway, a section of Concordia University that is park space, and the City of Priory. Emmiot County is located on the border of Hilda and is made up of a household and the Sakaki Valley. Keystone County is located south of everything and is made up of Washington Park, with the Town of Lathrop. The City of Xavier is the capital of the province, located near Two Pine]].


The largest companies in Gliffork are the County Shops: Sakaki Shop, Keystone Works, Xavier Works and the Xavier Shop. Manufacturing is the largest employer in the province by far. The second largest employer is the Federal Government and the third is the provincial Government. The second largest industry is transportation. Carts run often to ports in Paradise City, Isadora and the Port of Hilda.

Law and politics

The Gliffork Government is much smaller than other provincial governments in Wegmat. The legislative branch controls most of `governance of the province while small offices like the Office of Industry inspect and monitor the industrial shops of Gliffork. Gliffork is a left-leaing province. Gliffork has constantly voted for the Founders Party in presidential, parliamentary and local elections.