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Prime Minister of Wegmat Cole Baird holding a Weg flag in front of the 100 Gecs Tree.

Territory in the Federal Union of Wegmat
Founded1 June 2021
Area50 Sq. Ft.
GovernmentWegmat Environmental Ministry

Gecland is a tiny territory in Des Plaines, Illinois 9 miles north of the nearest other Weg claims. Gecland is located in Chicagoland however is not considered a part of the In-provinces. Gecland was traveled to in the summer of 2021 in the 100 Gecs Expedition. It was put under military occupation and a Weg border signs and flag was placed in the 100 Gecs Tree. The territory was claimed due to having a tree featured on the cover of the 100 Gecs debut album "1000 Gecs".