National Corntoss League

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National Corntoss League
Sporting League
File:NCL Logo.jpg
HeadquartersBushwood, Wegmat, 13 3rd St.
Founded7 November 2021
Area servedFederal Union of Wegmat
Number of teams11

The National Corntoss League, commonly abbreviated as the NCL, is a national league of 11 cornhole teams in the Federal Union of Wegmat. These teams compete in a 3 week season in April and have their championship game at Wegmat Intermicrontional Stadium.

Teams and Stadiums

Team City Stadium Number of Championships
CC Bushwood Bushwood Bushwood Sports Arena 0
CC Essef Paradise City City Arena 0
CC Isadora Isadora Isadora Arena 0
CC Fort Jerome Fort Jerome UotW Event Center 0
CC Two Pine Two Pine Yardland Stadium 1
CC La Bamboise La Bamboise National Feild 0
CC Drystone Lost Lake City Bobist University Event Center 0
CC Abierta Flying Community Center of Flying 0
CC Bodwatmi Bodwatmi United Arena 0
CC Crystal Springs Crystal Springs Robin Feild 0
CC Darkwater Darkwater Darkwater Stadium 0