Lobil General Stores

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Lobil General Stores
Union owned company.
IndustryGrocery and goods.
Founded5 January 2020
Headquarters Fort Jerome, Hilda,
Number of locations
60 Total
Area served
Des Plaines Valley Sector
30,000 GØ
Total assets20,000 GØ
ParentHilda Union of Workers

Lobil General Stores is a union owned company headquartered in Fort Jerome, Hilda in the Federal Union of Wegmat. It is a general store chain primarily seen in the Des Plaines Valley Sector.


Lobil was founded in Chloek, Gliffork as the Chloek General store. The second location was brought in Two Pine and Isadora both having their respective names. When it’s 4th location opened in what was Thatcher City at the time the private company changed its name to Low Bill General Store Inc. on March 9 it opened it’s first international branch in Bobbygrad. They were 10 stores under the Low Bill name before changing the companies name again to Lobil General Stores Inc. The company sponsored WASBR on their first race on March 21 where it saw the opening of 4 new stores near racing locations from the sponsorship.

When the announcement that Wegmat was going to annex new northern territories the company planned to open a store in each new settlement. The headquarters was moved to Fort Jerome in preparation. After the 2020 Paradise City General Strike the companies ownership was given to the Hilda Union of Workers. The Union agreed that it may open locations in the new territories.

Lobil saw massive expansion in between June and November opening new locations in Rodentia and the PUCS after the PUCS declared independence.


Lobil has 60 locations in every city and some small towns across the Des Plaines Valley Sector.


Lobil Water is the fuel sector of the company where customers can purchase water with electrolytes to refuel their bodies.