Legname di Wegmat

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Legname di Wegmat
Union owned company.
Founded10 2021
Headquarters La Bamboise, Hydrove,
Area served
31,000 GØ
Total assets25,000 GØ

Legname di Wegmat,translated from Italian as Wegmat Lumber is a union-owned nationwide company headquartered in La Bamboise, Hydrove in the Federal Union of Wegmat. Some accuse Wegmat Lumber of being a monopoly. The Irving Lumber Collection Group succefully won a lawsuit against the Wegmat Forest Agency which had to stop offering permits to Wegmat Lumber in all national forest. This limits Wegmat Lumber to the National Forests it holds a permit in. Many provinces make an effort to support local lumber companies which has completely stopped Wegmat Lumber's growth. Despite this Wegmat Lumber is the number 1 lumber collection company in Wegmat. They supply everything from Independent Woodshops and constructions projects across Wegmat.