National Whiffle Ball League

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National Whiffle Ball league
Sporting League
File:NWBL Logo.jpg
SportWhiffle ball
HeadquartersLa Bamboise, Hydrove, Wegmat, 5 Federalia Blvd.
Founded30 Novemer 2018
Area servedDes Plaines Valley Sector
Number of teams11

The National Whiffle Ball Leauge, commonly abbreviated as the NWBL, is a multinational league of 10 whiffle ball teams in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. 8 teams are located in the Federal Union of Wegmat, one in the People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists and one in Weimar. These teams compete in a 3 week season in September and have their championship game at Wegmat Intermicrontional Stadium.

Teams and Stadiums

Logo Team City Stadium Number of Championships
File:Bushwood WB.jpg Bushwood Sawlegs Bushwood Bushwood Sports Arena 0
File:Paradise Citu WB.jpg Paradice City Heat Paradise City City Feild 1
File:Two Pine WB.jpg The Pines Two Pine Yardland Feild 0
File:Isadora WB.jpg Hilda Greenthumbs Isadora Isadora Arena 1
File:Bobbygrad WB.jpg Bobbygrad Red and White Bobbygrad Bobbygrad National Stadium 1
File:La Bamboise WB.jpg Hydrove Pullweeds La Bamboise National Feild 0
File:Lost Lake City WB.jpg Lost Lake City Thorns Lost Lake City Lost Lake Arena 0
File:Bodwatmi WB.jpg Bodwatmi Titans Bodwatmi Songbird Feild 0
File:Darkwater WB.jpg Darkwater Cattail Darkwater Darkwater Stadium 0
File:Crystal Springs WB.jpg Crystal Blue Birds Crystal Springs Robin Feild 0
File:Lostcow WB.jpg Chaveleir Roses Lostcow The People's Stadium 0