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Wegmat (US: /wɛɡmæt/), officially the Federal Union of Wegmat, is a de facto autonomous region that claims to be a sovereign state, commonly known as a micronation. Wegmat is surrounded by western Chicago and is bordered by the United States, the Chaveleir Union, New Macedonia and Rodentia. Spanning a total of 1,724 acres or 6 km², Wegmat consists of 13 provinces and 1 autonomous region. Multiple species of animals are offered full citizenship, including humans, dogs, cats, beavers, foxes, and deer. Animals obtain this citizenship by either a human caretaker applying it or by its issuance by the Weg government. The official language of Wegmat is English; other spoken languages include Finnish, Italian and Spanish...

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The Weg Nationwide Attacks was a series of attacks on government buildings in the Federal Union of Wegmat. The attacks occurred on 22 November 2021. The attacks were carried out by 2 pro-kapresh terrorists. The Great Des Plaines Valley War ended with political de-stabilization in Kapreburg and the Des Plaines Valley Sector. Wegmat recovered fairly well but did not complete some projects as autumn arrived and made nationwide travel somewhat difficult. A former Rodentian troop named Nathan Johnson became a citizen of Weimar. Nathan would later be arrested by the Wegmat Authority when he opened fire with an airsoft gun on a Wegmat Marine who was not in uniform in Isadora. He was charged with airsoft weapon assault and sentenced to drink a disgusting mixture. On 18 November 2021, he became a kapresh citizen and convinces another former Rodentian to go with his plan of causing chaos.

The Federal Union of Wegmat is a nation primarily located in the Chicagoland area in Illinois. Wegmat also has other claims only in North America including New Finland and Little Presque in the UP of Michigan, Cenwister in Wisconsin and Stainslaus in Ponderosa Hills....

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  • ...That Wegmat has its roots in Colorado?
  • ...That Wegmat's largest province is 600 acres big, and isn't even located in Chicago?
  • ...That the Des Plaines River forms the Illinois River?
  • ...That Wegmat has Trading Posts outside of Wegmat?

Pictured: Cole Baird at the Chad Mans, the first project of RIPA.