Wegmat Federal Services

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Ministry of Federal Services
Ministry overview
HeadquartersWegmat Federal Offices
Two Pine, Wegmat
Annual budget2,000 Gø
Minister responsible
  • Minister, Caelin B.

The Ministry of Federal Services offers services for the government of the Federal Union of Wegmat such as issuing passports or national identification, holding government records and cultural affairs. It is a mixed General service agency and Secretary of state.


IX FCW 2.1 outlines the authorities and responsibilities of the Ministry:

  • (1) The Minister of Federal Services is appointed by the Head of State to oversee the administrative and bureaucratic functions of the federal government.
  • (2) The Minister of Federal Services serves as the primary liaison between the government and the public on matters related to federal services.
  • (3) The Minister of Federal Services is responsible for developing policies and regulations related to federal services, and for ensuring that these policies and regulations are implemented effectively.
  • (4) The Minister of Federal Services oversees the development and implementation of administrative procedures related to the provision of federal services, including but not limited to:
    • (a) Human resources management;
    • (b) Procurement and contract management;
    • (c) Information management and technology;
    • (d) Financial management and accountability;
    • (e) Performance management and reporting;
    • (f) Regulatory compliance and enforcement;
    • (g) Records management;
    • (h) Service delivery and customer service; and
    • (i) Other functions as may be assigned by Parliament or as required by law.
  • (5) The Minister of Federal Services collaborates with other government officials, agencies, and departments to ensure that federal services are delivered efficiently, effectively, and in accordance with the law.
  • (6) The Minister of Federal Services reports directly to the Council of State and provides regular updates on the status of federal services and the progress of ongoing initiatives to


  • The Wegmat Identification Service gives out federal identification cards and provides standards for provincial identification cards.
  • The Wegmat Records Service maintains all records of the Federal Union including the Federal Codex of Wegmat
  • The Wegmat Webmaster Service maintains wegmatgov.org, communication services, and social media accounts of the government.
  • The Wegmat Sporting Administration promotes sports in Wegmat as well as sometimes organizes international sporting events.
  • The Wegmat Cultural Administration promotes Weg culture and organized national events.
  • Wegmat Events Center event space in Prarik, Essef de facto owned by the Forest Preserve District of Cook County.