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The Union Trading Post as seen from Songbird Park
The Union Trading Post as seen from Songbird Park
CountryFederal Union of Wegmat
EstablishedAugust 4th 2020
 • Total0.00500 km2 (0.00193 sq mi)
 • Water0.00000 km2 (0.00000 sq mi)
194 m (637 ft)
 • Total11
 • Rank4th in Wegmat
Time zoneUTC-6 (GWT)

Bodwatmi is the largest city in the province of Irving and 4th in the Federal Union of Wegmat. It is iconic for Union Trading Post, Songbird Park and the many picnic spots throughout the city. The City is considered to be the trading hub for northern Wegmat. Bodwatmi is on the Irving power grid meaning it is one of the few places in northern Wegmat where power tools can be used easily for production of goods. The Irving woodshop is located in the city.


Bodwatmi didn't exist until a month after the annexation of the Schiller Territory as Manny Falls was made to be the hub of trade of the north. Bodwatmi was originally a small outpost made up of what is now the Union Trading Post. Due to the excess of picnic shelters the Schiller territory promoted the development of Bodwatmi. The settlement happened to be conveniently placed where most parking spots were located for northern Wegmat making it the most car accessible city in Wegmat besides Bushwood. The city is also neared a so called fountain of life for communities in the United states surrounding northern Wegmat. The Irving Department of Transportation created the IRT system that connects all 3 major cities in Irving and manages the Bodwatmi metro system and Irving City light chair system.


East Town

East town is the third area of the Bodwatmi downtown area. 2 Residential structures are located here along with Bodwatmi's Central Station and 3 woodworking stations.

West Town

The Union Trading Post and the Confederation of Unions of the North are located here. West town is considered the main business area.

Songbird Park

Songbird Park has no recognized residents and no businesses,however it is considered one of the three districts of Downtown. Songbird park has bird feeders and wild flowers and 3 trails in the park.

Love District

Residential and business neighborhood.

University of Bodwatmi

The University of Bodwatmi is located directly south of East Town. The University only has 2 courses, woodworking and environmental studies.

Dupont Point

Residential and business neighborhood.


Residential and business neighborhood.

Skagit Park

Large residential and business neighborhood in between East Town and Bodwatmi Direct Airport.


Residential and business neighborhood.


Residential and business neighborhood.


Bodwatmi is located in between the Irving Moraine and the Great Plains of Schiller. The city borders Abierta itself as some suburbs are located there.



Major Roads

Other Transportation