Intermicronational Feild Hockey League

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International Feild Hockey League
Sporting League
File:IFHL Logo.jpg
SportFeild hockey
HeadquartersBodwatmi, Irving, Wegmat, 23 Broadway
Founded5 July 2021
Area servedDes Plaines Valley Sector
Number of teams7

The International Feild Hockey Leauge, commonly abbreviated as the IFHL, is a multinational league of 7 feild hockey teams in the Des Plaines Valley Sector. 4 teams are located in the Federal Union of Wegmat, one in the People's Union of Chaveleir Socialists, one in the Kingdom of Ephraim and one in Weimar. These teams compete in a 3 week season in September and have their championship game at Wegmat Intermicrontional Stadium.

Teams and Stadiums

Logo Team City Stadium Number of Championships
File:Bushwood FH.jpg Bushwood Merchants Bushwood Bushwood Sports Arena 0
File:Paradise Citu FH.jpg Paradice City Footloose Paradise City City Arena 0
File:Isadora FH.jpg Isadora Flames Isadora Isadora Arena 0
File:Bobbygrad FH.jpg Bobbygrad Reds Bobbygrad Bobbygrad National Stadium 1
File:Sunrise FH.jpg Sunrise Stars Sunrise National Stadium 0
File:Bodwatmi WB.jpg Bodwatmi Grasshoppers Bodwatmi United Arena 0
File:Lostcow FH.jpg Chaveleir Hearts Lostcow The People's Stadium 0