1st Panzer Division

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1st Imperial Panzer division
Parade flag of the division
Countrythumb.png Empire of new Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Heer
TypeTransportation and heavy support.
RolePrimary armored
Part ofStanderd heer command structure
Nickname(s)"Hell on wheels" or "Blue diamonds"
Mascot(s)Dame dur Panzer(lady of the panzer)
EquipmentStander issue
Chief field marshalKaiser Vladimir Baruh
Current divisional commanderColonel Roan
Lieutenant 1st class Jac Ò rov
Divisional vehicle symbolthumb.png
Heer vehicle symbolthumb.png

The 1st "Blue Diamonds" Panzer-division (short: 1. Pz.Div.) is an armored vehicle division in the New German Army.

This division has the most vehicles out of all divisions in the army. The division possesses and operates; the M1A2 "Cobra" main battle tank, 1 Ford 250 1/3 ton truck, and 2 Srpc-1 transport vehicles 1 with cargo hold.


The uniform consists of black pants, black boots, white shirt or tank top and, black overseas cap or black field cap.

Equipment is a green pistol belt a holster and a springer pistol.


"Dame Dur Panzer"

This is art put on tanks. Usually, it is painted on the left outside wall viewing from the front. Varying from tank to tank, women are painted bearing a M-16 Stahlhelm and a German M17 Gas Mask facing toward the enemy when advancing. This is only put tanks because her name is "Lady of the Panzer".

Tanks that bear this art are referred to with feminine pronouns as a sign of respect for Lady of the Panzer.

One example of a Dame Dur Panzer

special awards

The New German tank corp has two unique awards special for Panzer operators.

Iron Cross recipients

  • Lieutenant 1st class Jac ò rov - First Class