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New Germany officially joined the MicroWiki Community on 13 January 2020 however many citizens were active in the sector as far back as 2018 with the founding of the Kingdom of Wegmat




Before Vladimir Baruh joined Wegmat in about 2019, he made Bobbyland, named after one of his good friends. He originally made as a joke because he while had to ride to the local community center, little kids would pester him while he took a nap on the bus. At first it was like a dreamland, but as Vladimir Baruh got a bit older he refined it, and it became a very militaristic society who enjoyed trench warfare. When Vladimir Baruh joined became a citizen of Wegmat he left Bobbyland occasionally re visiting it but founded the city of Bobbygrad formally in northern Wegmat. It was the foundation that New Germany needed to create it’s own country and have more jurisdiction over the area.

Wegmat and independence

Much of New Germany's current territory is former territory of Wegmat. Wegmat's largest city prior to Manifest Wegstiny was Bobbygrad the current New German Capital. Weg Government. Between September and October 2019, violence re-erupted in Bobbygrad, with a group known as the New Wegmat Republic trying to take the city of Bobbygrad,[1] which would end with the city descending into civil war.

A New Wegmat soldier, armed with an Airsoft gun.

The reputation of the NWR would decline as Wegmat took the Stevont Pass,[2] located north of Bobbygrad. the climate in the region of Wegmat that would later become New Germany was one that was distasteful with the this was felt long before the NWR Conflict however the conflicts end only added fuel to he fire that would later become New Germany. in December 2019, one month after the end of the NWR Conflict there were whispers of Revolution coming from Bobbygrad but to the Weg Government they were only rumors.

in January Vladimir Baruh announced to Cole B. that The Empire of New Germany declared independence. the declaration of independence was not surprising for those who were aware of the whispers of revolution coming from Bobbygrad. The Weg Government had become increasingly unpopular in the region, and the NWR Conflict only intensified the sentiment. Vladimir Baruh's announcement was met with excitement and support from many citizens of Wegmat who wanted more autonomy and control over their own region. With the declaration of independence, the Empire of New Germany was born, and the path towards sovereignty and self-determination began. the establishment of the Empire of New Germany marked a significant shift in the political landscape of the region. Despite being founded by a former citizen of Wegmat, the new country sought to distance itself from its predecessor and build a unique identity. The announcement of independence sent shockwaves through the inter-micronational community and sparked heated debates about the legitimacy of the new state. Nevertheless, the Empire of New Germany persisted and began to establish itself as a major player in the geopolitical arena. quickly after the independence was declared, New German soldiers marched unopposed through Priory Grasslands, starting the Weg-New German War, solidifying their control over the region. several battles ensued, all New German victories however due to the frigid conditions of the Grasslands the war effort bogged down This unchallenged display of power put neighboring countries on alert and sparked concerns about the potential for further aggression from the young nation. Despite this, the Empire of New Germany continued to grow and assert itself. As the country solidified its position, the international community watched with a mixture of fascination and horror.

[3] the war soon ended when Cole Baird wrote the Treaty of Roosevelt (sometimes referred to as the Treaty of Charriot'sVille or Treaty of Kapreburg however it was not signed in Charriot'sVille or Kapreburg) was a treaty ending hostilities with both Belligerents. It gave Levare to New Germany and the Wegmat Ministry of Transportation was to manage New German Transportation. though the war was over many Border Guard troops still ventured into the Grasslands.

Post War Era

In March New Germany was put into a Quarantine because of COVID-19 as of September 28, 2020 the New German Health Agency is not aware of any confirmed cases. In April tensions rose with Fergland witch turned in to war being declared but nothing actually came from it. Between May and August Nothing remarkable happened in New Germany other than a few training operations and a tank being put into service. in March 2021 New Germany entered the Great Des Plaines Valley War and moved sides a lot and won. in 2022 New Germany became allies with the Empire of Kapreburg and declared war on Wegmat in the Midlothian War. later Vladimir Baruh allied himself with Ausveria and entered the Long Island War.

Great Des Plaines Valley War

New Germany under Vladimir Baruh fought with the Liberation Coalition however after L day on April 9 Democratic Weimar Republic was formed and was De Facto part of the Urraca Pact. New Germany launched an aggresive campaign into the Hilda/Essef area. On 29 April, a New German (now joint Weimar-Rodentian) force, including the 2nd Observation Regiment and 1st Imperial Infantry, were sent to capture the surrounding area of Rainbow Bridge. A small Weg force opposed New German entry of Hilda; however, they were repelled due to being outnumbered. This marked a turning point in the war, as New Germany gained control over important strategic territory. The campaign in the Hilda/Essef area allowed New Germany to expand its influence in the area which would be seen in future conflicts. At that point Cole B. prepossed to end hosstlities on the Hilda and Essef Front during the Bobbygrad Confrince because of concerns for Civilians. On 23 May, Wegmat General Landis Y. and Weimar Marshal Clinton Greenfield, who was accompanied by Sakaive, the leader of the Sakaki Clan, met in Bobbygrad to push for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. However, it was instead agreed to have less fighting on the Hilda and Essef Front and the handing over of Priory to Weimar, along with a few mostly ceremonial conditions. As of 23 May, it was claimed that no Wegmat territory are occupied; however, small pockets in Hilda held out around the province.

as the War Progreseed New Germany invaded Philmont's base in Wisconsin which ended New Germany's ailince with the Urraca Pact. on 11 July, Weimar forces invaded Camp Castle Rock, where Philmont was suspected of having encampments in the area. A campaign against the small garrison of Philmont soldiers holding out with no hope of reinforcements coming. For the first 3 days, only a small camp was liberated; however, on 13 June, a more aggressive approach was taken and half the territory was liberated by Weimar troops. The next day, heavy rain impaired operations, but near night fall, heavy fighting erupted along the roads of the territory and ended near the original camp. On the night of 17 July, the final night of occupation, small patrols were launched to disrupted the demoralized and thin supply lines of the Philmont army; on 18 July, the Free Philmont Republic was created shortly following the surrender of the Philmont garrison in the territory.

in early August New Germany Left the war winning the Province of Levare. However, even after the conclusion of the Great Des Plaines Valley War, New Germany's expansionist policies did not wane. In fact, the small nation allied itself with the Empire of Kapreburg and actively participated in the Midlothian War against Wegmat. The conflict further cemented New Germany's reputation as a formidable military power in the region.

New German Revolution

Vladimir Baruh talking to a New German soldier

On 9 April on the Hilda and Essef Front, during a diplomatic visit of the Weg Prime Minister Cole Baird, Vladimir Baruh announced that the Empire of New Germany would be reformed. Negotiations immediately began between the two leaders, going nowhere. The Wegmat Authority deemed it necessary to evacuate the Prime Minister from Bobbygrad. The New German Autonomous Province’s Military was de jure dissolved by the Weg Military, however the highly-supported empire had already organized a new military. Weg forces were evacuated from Fort Priory to defensive positions northwest of Westerwald and directly east of Bobbygrad Airport. With New Germany entering the war for the Urraca Pact Weg military officers worried about losing their largest arms supplier. after light city fighting ensued the Newly formed New German Heer marched into Westerwald. on 29 April. 3 soldiers and a k-9 held a successful campaign against ally loyal militias guarding the area. After a hour of fighting and 30 minute stalemate, the Ally Loyalists were pushed from the city. On 1 May, the New German and Rodentian forces invaded the Priory Grasslands and fought the unorganized militia and the Ally militia stationed there. A 30-minute battle ensued, Trel was rushed and at 7:45 the flag of the New German Friekorp flew over the city. Defensive positions were taken and fought in trench warfare. At this point the Ally forces were low on ammo and pined down, a final charge went over the top and they surrendered. Small pockets of fighting against New German soldiers during the evening occupation.

New German imperialism

The Confederation of Weimar and its commonwealth’s have been running an aggressive land grab campaign since the end of the Great Des Plaines Valley War. The campaign began after the fall of the Empire of Rodentia, when New Germany pulled out of the war after being given Levare it was offered a gentleman’s agreement that if it invaded the territories of its former allies that it would gain control of those regions. After the war the Kingdom of Ephraim, the Kingdom of Levare, and the Free Philmont Republic were created. They function as their own state but are still under the umbrella of control from New Germany. In the post war era, a weg backed nation called the United Salado was formed and was, for a time, allowed to prosper uninfringed by New German rule. Also at this time the Chaveleir Republic a pro-New German state broke free from the original Communist rule. Originally a New German colony, it broke was de facto independent until it declared independence from New Germany in October 2020. After the Midlothian War New Germany marched troops into the Rainbowlands covertly and have been the de facto rulers of it until the Robison border dispute when it was officially given to the OGF until its disbandment at which point it was annexed by the Chaviler Republic. In February New German troops have also deployed an occupation force into the United Salado with plans to annex it, citing that it was rightfully a New German commonwealth territory. A gentleman’s agreement to allow the Chaviler Republic become a commonwealth has also been made.

Confederation of Weimar

The Confederation of Weimar was founded on February 6, 2022 when Jack Ryan Morris convinced Vladimir Baruh to reinstate the Kaiser. this appeled to Vladimir because it gave New Germany a second chance for greatness in his mind. however the prospect of reestablishment of the once great empire found it's roots in the Prelude of the Midlothian War, Operation Broken Bow In mid-August, Kapreburg planned an invasion of Wegmat scheduled for 20 November 2021, that would involve Kapresh military units entering Wegmat from the south and the north. These units would meet in Hydrove, where they would force Wegmat to surrender. The plan was put on hold when the Weg government found out about it, and then formally abandoned once the Treaty of New Albuquerque was signed. Operation Black Parade In early November the Federal Weimar Defense Agency drafted invasion plans for the planned invasion of Wegmat using the "winter war tactic". This tacic, being fighting in the winter, would impair the Weg war machine, and in turn, the head start would allow the occupation of the southern Weg provinces. The New German High Command composed a strategy of landing the 2nd Observation Regiment in Bushwood, the capital of Madison. The regiment would conduct their invasion and occupy the rest of Madison in time for winter, so that other Weg provinces could be taken. However, Operation Black Parade was canceled, due to the fact that the invasion of Madison would have been an action fueled by the prospect of glory, rather than military strategic importance.

Midlothian War

[4] the first engagement that New germany was involved in was the Battle of Jefferson Lake is also known as Operation Glad You Came. Before fighting, all three forces met at around 12:30 PM local time to eat and talk with each other. The battle occurred on 16 January 2022, shortly preceding the Battle of Bushwood. The Battle was short-lived due to Weg's lines breaking very quickly. It was a New German/Kapresh victory. New Germany also committed numerous war crimes during this Battle. Continuing on the topic of the Battle of Jefferson Lake, it's important to note that New Germany's involvement in the war also came with its share of war crimes. These included the mistreatment and "execution" of prisoners of war. While the Kapresh forces were known to have committed similar crimes, it does not excuse the actions of New Germany.[5] Kapresh/New German forces moved south to the key Weg city of Bushwood immediately following the Battle of Jefferson Lake. Weg forces moved inside of the greater building structure that made up the Downtown borough of Bushwood. Intense fighting broke out until New German forces went through the garage of the building and flanked the Wegs from their left. The Battle of Bushwood was a major battle causing catastrophic land loss. No borough of Bushwood was not taken by Kapresh/New German forces however the rest of Madison was. The important province of Essef along with Paradise City was taken. Paradise City declared itself as a free city-state, independent of Wegmat and the occupiers. Continuing with the conflict in Madison, the declaration of Paradise City as a free city-state was seen as a rebellion by the occupying forces. In response, the New German Stasi, later known Imperial Police, launched a brutal campaign to suppress any dissent and reestablish control over the newly declared independent state. The people of Paradise City, however, refused to give in and fought fiercely against the occupiers. The conflict in Paradise City was another example of the violence and suffering that had become common in Madison. this also lead to the re opening the Karel Island prison camp.

A Kapresh/New German force moved across the Hilda-Essef border onto MoA Road 4 towards Rainbow Bridge on 23 January 2022. The Battle of the Highlands began at the southern end of the Hilda Highlands in Bailey National Forest. The invading force's goal was to move north to capture Hilda. Weg forces, LCS mercenaries, and a local farmer all repelled the attack, however leaked documents state that the Kasier never intended for the battle to b a victory and ultimatly ordered his troops to not fight as hard as they normally would. This resulted in Weimar leaving the war in exchange for Madison except for Bushwood and Southern Essef except for Paradise City, however Paradise City is some what considered a part of Levare . The rest of Essef was reclaimed, however, Paradise City refused to be reclaimed and remains a city-state. The Federal District of Bushwood was formed and the Province of Madison was dissolved.

A temporary ceasefire has been called from 23 January 2022, officially called a month later in February until April 15, 2022 due to lack of resources for either side to fight. Negotiations are likely to happen during this time between Wegmat and Kapreburg for a peaceful resolution to the war.

Post War Expantion

Weimar after the Midlothian War intended to expand its empire. soon after the War the Miller Colony was formed. being the first of many colonies that include: the Rock-cut Colony, the Argonne Colony, the Midewin Colony, the South Desplainesland, and the Jackson-Territory. the Miller Colony however was neglected for a time and it fell into several kingdoms that Weimar are currently at war with. this also led to the War on Piracy which in turn helped Weimar in it's conquest.

New German-Weg tensions rise

though in a relative state of stagnation the New German Kreigsmarine started a navel blockade into New German controlled water. sevral weg vessels have already been turned away from delivering much needed supplies to the Weg city of Bushwood. The New German Defense Agency had deemed the danger of pirates on private property and a new class of Weg battle ship. New German navel infantry have been aiming navel guns at Bushwood, as well as an increase in border guard troops at rainbow bridge and the Weg/New German border at Bushwood. Weg officials fear civil unrest to come with the shortage of supplies. The Senior admiral of the Kreigsmarine has stated that he will hold firm in his decision to block weg ships from entering Weg water at Bushwood.

corporal Hafft after being captured by the White Skull

on March 13 a Levare border guard agent was captured by the nationalist group known as the White Skull. the White Skull members took him while he was alone and took him. soon after a build up of troops on Weg borders began at Rainbow bridge and near Bushwood. Wegmat Border police apprehended the White skull members and are waiting to return hafft to New Germany. This led to a pro New German group known as the Free Legion demanded he be released immediately and a protest has been planned to be held on march 15th.

in Bushwood on March 16, 2023, 4 members of the Free Legion marched around the Bushwood downtown area for the freeing of corporal Hafft from Wegmat. the peaceful demonstration lasted until 7:30 when 4-5 armed White Skull members attacked the Free Legion at which point they drew pistols and one grabbed a bolt action rifle. a gun battle ensued, one White skull member fled deeper downtown and 3-4 esscaped to South South. the Free Legion has now stationed themselves downtown however have also neglected to inform the Bushwood police and in fact not allowed any police into the down town area.

New German guard harrased by potester

while the Hafft Riots were going on in Bobbygrad the White Skull chapter in the city for ethnic Wegs was advocating for New Germany to reunify with Wegmat or to have the Weg population given a a free part of the city. the protest started on the steps of the Reichstag of New Germany. New German police and soldiers who were deployed on the street were called to disperse the gathering but they refused. the soldiers were attack by the protesters and in reaction a soldier opened fire. he protesters ran to the industrial district and one was arrested. after the Bobbygrad Riots, the large population of Wegs were ordered to wear an identification card when in public. there was out cry from the moderates in the New German however the act known as the Safety and Security Act was passed with the Kaiser's approval. a small demonstration was planned but the Imperial Police arrested the would be protesters and sentence them to hard labor at the Happy Time Re-education Camp. the camp is located on Karel Island that was reopened in light of the recent unrest. Levare also passed the SSA however all Weg citizens (predominantly non-human citizens) in Levare are to do hard labor.

Salado Invasion

on March 20 Army Group Hessnia started an invasion into the United Salado at dusk. though most of the New German Sturm-Grenztruppe dug in the Rail corp saw action as 3 Salado militia members attacked a sentry who began an artillery strike. the lone sentry armed with a bolt action rifle and a bayonet he attacked the unprepared Salado militia and drove them deeper into the wood. in the north a wave of New German Marines from the 1st Guards Marine Division a small fortification was built and no ground has been gained in the north. in the following week the New German 1st Paner Division steam rolled through Salado.

Executive order 294

on march 23rd 2023 Vladimir Baruh drafted Executive order 294 that stated that all lands with New German feet on it's soil is New German. the order also stated that the United Salado and the Rainbowlands were New German. however a stall in the New German high commands plan came when the New German-Salado War took longer than expected. the current commander of the 2nd Observation Regiment stated that the invasion of Aenopian Potawatomi had already begun with scouting missions and raids. It has also been predicted that unless Wegmat intervenes, Salado will fall by April 2 and Aenopian Potawatomi will fall by the end of April if not sooner.

end of the Cicero Spenninger

Prime Minister Cole Baird and Kaiser Vladimir Baruh sign the treaty of Westerwald at the New German Reichstag.

As Kaiser Vladimir Baruh was already infuriated by the unauthorized invasion, the Federal Union of Wegmat was able to negotiate easily with the Grand Duchy of New Germany. The Friekorp is largely a paramilitary force in the commonwealths, making them independent from the rest of the New German Heer. Following the signing of the treaty, the Kaiser ordered all forces in Fort Bailey to leave the fort

The Treaty of Westerwald ended the large build-up of tensions and ended the Bushwood Blockade. All troops on either side were ordered to return to their normal garrisons instead of the border. The military presence in Bushwood left, although there was a little celebration as the people were exhausted by the Blockade. Free cheesecake from Shipstar's many kitchens was gifted to all Bushwood citizens by the Wegmat Government. The treaty also ended the interment of Weg Deer and allowed some New German police to have the ability to extradite individuals. Embassies and Consulates were founded for the first time since before Weg-New German Reunification. New German citizens were also given the choice to move back to New Germany at the Weg government's expense.

The Fawcett Agreement was the second treaty signed between Wegmat and New Germany. The Fawcett Agreement allowed districts in multiple cities to be tax shelters for New German-operated businesses. Overall these two treaties ended the Cicero Spenninger as the two nations had to be more careful with each other to save their economies.


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