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Rocinante-upon-Afon, the largest settlement in the Rainbowlands.
General information
LocatedChicago, specifically the area along the Des Plaines River from Irving Park Road to Rosemont.
Total population of sector4 (Citizens and caretakers, not residents)
Total area of sector0.95 km²
Sector foundedNovember 2019
Nations in area
Organisations in areaCupertino Alliance
Notable people in areaCole Baird
Jack Garo

The Rainbowlands are a series of international territories that were given away by a program of the Des Plaines Union.

An idea to give away a large amount of to ally nations of Wegmat was brought up at a meeting of the Des Plaines Union. The Union agreed to annex an large amount of forest on the west bank of the Des Plaines River. The Wegmat Armed Forces secured the land to be international territory until gifted to the micronational community.

Between 19 March of 2021 and 8 August of 2021 the Rainbowlands were invaded by the Urraca Pact. The territories were occupied by Rodentia south of the Lawrence Line and Philmont north of the Lawrence line.


Chaveleir made map of the Des Plaines Valley Sector zoomed in on the Rainbowlands.

Southern Rainbowlands

South of the Lawrence Line in an area called the Crystallines they are 4 plots.

Northern a Rainbowlands

The Northern Rainbowlands also know as the Afons are the more settled areas.


The Rainbowlands only have 3 settlements, however when the Rainbowlands are liberated they are accepted to be more built.

  • Rocinante-upon-afon, capital and port of Aenopian Potawatomi.
  • Maple Rush, town in Aenopian Potawatomi.
  • Rainbow, capital of Rainbowlands County.