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New German Heer
Countrythumb.png Empire of New Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Heer
TypeGround service
RoleGround combat and border security
Part ofStandard Heer command structure
ColorsGreen, Black, Brown
EquipmentStandard issue
Chief Field MarshalKaiser Vladimir Baruh
Senior Field MarshalRaph

The New German Heer, also known as the Heer, is the main fighting force of New Germany.

Senior Field Marshal

This rank is the highest rank a soldier could acquire without the Kaiser abdicating. It is elected by the New German Defense Agence, said person who is elected runs the Heer and can choose the field Marshal to co-run the show(it's like being a Vice President). After 5 months there track record is reviewed and if it's acceptable they can run for re-election, if they don't a new candidate is chosen and in 5 months the process repeats. however the history of this rank says otherwise when now dismissed general Steves got the rank he did not elect after he was dismissed then Raph took control sealing all chances of military dictatorship.


Operation Dummythicc

Operation Dummythicc was the Invasion of the Priory Grasslands, Bobbygrad Airport, and treil/penis wood. This kicked of Weg war 1, the invasion its self was just a small eliminates of the 4th Death Korp Regiment marching into the place like they owned it. Thing kicked up on January 16 because any New German Soldier who served through the Weg war can tell you thats the battle of Priori*insert Vietnam flashbacks here*. On February 13 the treaty of Roosevelt was signed, but New Germany was un happy about how it turned out so they slowly re-occupied the Priory National Park area and the war blew up again. The war is still going but no-one is fighting as of now.

Operation Charging Rhino

A planned invasion of Wegmat via Keril Island.

Operation Roaring lion

A planned invasion of Madison while it was part of New Macidonia from Levare.

Operation enduring freedom

A planned War with Fiergland

Great Des Plaines Valley War

New Germany played a important part in the Great Des Plaines Valley War it helped Rhodentia invade Hilda and Essef on the Hilda and Essef Front. it also help Kapreburg win the Battle of Whynofly at the end of the battle. New Germany also fought insurgencies on the High Norther Front and during Operation Beaver Tail due to them being far from the main war there was not much publicity on them. after the Stalemate in the war New Germany was preparing for a joint Push on the PUCS front however by this time in the war New German opinion's of the Urrca Pact changed. at this time New Germany invaded Philmont's outpost called Camp Castle Rock and won their 7 day campaign. the war ended the 10th of August 2021 as a New German/Liberation Coalition Victory.

New German Revolution

the New German Revolution was a conflict that was fought in the New German province of Die Heimat and was New German Victory. there was not much combat but when there was it was in short violent bursts. the most notable battles were in Bobbygrad, Westerwald, and the city of Trel. the war was fought between New German Communists and New German nationalists. the war was in the words of Vladimir Baruh "it was a side dish to the War [Great Des Plains Valley War], there unprepared and unorganized, more so than the Wegsters. this "war" will be over by the end of the mounth." and that came to be true.

Midlothian War

New Germany's involvement in the war was short-lived however it's involvement turned the tide of the war. though Kapreburg and New Germany had wanted to invade Wegmat prior to the War, the plans were scrapped as they were leaked to Wegmat. because of the Weg Nationwide Attacks Wegmat declared war on Kapreburg and thus was given a reason to intervene. New Germany was involved in the battles of Battle of Jefferson Lake, Battle of Bushwood, and Battle of the Highlands. New Germany was given a deal to throw the Battle of the Highlands and they would get Madison and southern Essef. this was agreed on and on January 23rd 2022 they left the war

Operation Alimo

the nature of this operation is classified until either it gose wrong or until June 1st 2022.

Awards and decorations

There are some repeats on micro wiki sorry. In order of honor (Highest to lowest)

The Kaisers units

This is the Names, unit class, and history.

Division logo name nicknames motto role regiments
New German Army units
1st Panzer Division Hell on wheels N/A Armor/Logistics/recon  • 1st Logistics Battalion
 • 2nd tank Battalion
 • 3rd recon Battalion
N/A 1st Border Guard Division N/A N/A military police, Border security  • 1st Grenztruppen regiment
 • 2nd Canine Regiment
 • 3nd Police Regiment
 • Küstenwache Nordflotte
 • Royal Special Police Battalion
2nd Panzergrenadieres Kaiser's fist Same shit different day Motorized infantry  • 1st motorized infantry regiment
 • 2nd support infantry regiment
N/A 3rd Sturmpioneer Division N/A Elite Infantry N/A  • 1st Rifle regiment
 • 2nd Rifle Regiment
 • 3nd Pioneer Regiment
Royal volunteer Corp
1st Royal Telegraph Division Bavaria Larpers In Treue Fest Telegraphing and Railway logistics  • 1st Telegraph brigade
 • 2nd Photography Brigade
 • 3rd Railway assault Brigade
N/A Ephraim security force N/A N/A Police and Light Infantry  • 1st Brigade
N/A New German Freikorp N/A Loyalty forged from blood Light Infantry  • Founders(1st) Regiment
 • Kapresh(2nd) Regiment

Unite Structure

Officer's rank Unit
senior officer or general staff army group
Officer Division
Junior officer Regiment

This is the structure of officer in a division, regiment, and army group.

Officer's rank Unit
Sergeant Major Division
Staff sergeant Regiment

This is the structure or NCO's in division and Regiment.


The standard uniform of the FWA is East German uniforms, with the accompanying equipment. There are several other uniforms such as the tropical, dress, and conscript, uniform. Issued is also a New german Identification Papers for identification.

Caption text
Uniform Example Equipment Use
equipment used by the fresh enlisted troops is a gas mask bag(with mask), canteen, and backpack. Other equipment is used by gunners is ammo pouches and bayonets. Other equipment can be purchased Used by regular infantry and other combat personnel
thumb.png The equipment used is usually a mix of modern and semi old equipment with a mix of camos Used by foreign volunteers and other "non important soldiers
The only equipment with this uniform is a belt and for officers a sword The use of this uniform is usually for serimonial affairs which would not require a combat uniform.
equipment used by the fresh enlisted troops is a gas mask bag(with mask), canteen, and backpack. Other equipment is used by gunners is ammo pouches and bayonets. Other equipment can be purchased Used by regular combat troops in hot environments


General staff Officers Junior Officers
OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Senior field marshal Colonel Major Captain Lieutenant Junior Lieutenant

Senior Non Commissioned Officers Non Commissioned Officers Enlisted men
E-7 E-6 E-5 E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1
Sergeant Major Sergeant 3rd class Sergeant 2nd class Sergeant 1st class Corporal Private 1st class Private