New German Heer

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New German Heer

Country thumb.png Empire of New Germany
Allegiance Kaiser Vladimir Baruh
Branch New German Heer
Type Ground service
Role Ground combat and border security
Size 13
Part of Standard Heer command structure
Garrison/HQ Bobbygrad
Colors Green, Black, Brown
Equipment Standard issue
Chief Field Marshal Kaiser Vladimir Baruh
Senior Field Marshal Raph

The New German Heer, also known as the Heer, is the main fighting force of New Germany.

Senior Field Marshal

This rank is the highest rank a soldier could acquire without the Kiaser abdicating. It is elected by the New German Defense Agence, said person who is elected runs the Heer and can choose the field Marshal to co-run the show(it's like being a Vice President). After 5 months there track record is reviewed and if it's acceptable they can run for re-election, if they don't a new candidate is chosen and in 5 months the process repeats. however the history of this rank says otherise when now dissmised general steves got the rank he did not elect after he was dissmissed then raph took control sealing all chances of military dictatorship


Operation Dummythicc

Operation Dummythicc was the Invasion of the Priory Grasslands, Bobbygrad Airport, and treil/penis wood. This kicked of Weg war 1, the invasion its self was just a small eliminates of the 4th Death Korp Regiment marching into the place like they owned it. Thing kicked up on January 16 because any New German Soldier who served through the Weg war can tell you thats the battle of Priori*insert Vietnam flashbacks here*. On February 13 the treaty of Roosevelt was signed, but New Germany was un happy about how it turned out so they slowly re-occupied the Priory National Park area and the war blew up again. The war is still going but no-one is fighting as of now.

Operation Charging Rhino

The nature of this Mission is classified.

Operation Roaring lion

The nature of this mission is classified.

Operation enduring freedom

The nature of this mission is classified.

Awards and decorations

There are some repeats on micro wiki sorry. In order of honor (Highest to lowest)


This is some peace's of promotional posters for the New German Heer


unit structure

Officer's rank Unit
senior officer or general staff army group
Officer Division
Junior officer Regiment

This is the structure of officer in a division, regiment, and army group.

Officer's rank Unit
Sergeant Major Division
Staff sergeant Regiment

This is the structure or NCO's in division and Regiment.

the Kaisers units

This is the Names, unit class, and history.

  • the 1st Panzer Division(Hell on wheels). Commander: TBD. The first Panzer division is a tank division. It has never seen combat. The 1st Panzers has 1 company A company is a motorized company(transportation vehicles and Tanks). B company as of April 12 has 2 single riding personal careers 1 with cargo cart(srpc-1's for short), and 1 m2a1 Cobra main battle tank with 40mm gun.
  • the 2nd Panzergrenadieres(Kaisers firsts). Commander: Sacaive . The 2nd Panzergrenadieres is a heavy infantry unit. It partook in skirmishes in priori and the Battle of Priori. They have never know defeat. They are equipped with 4 automatic airsoft rifles. They are split into 3 regiments
  • the 3rd Gebergsjager Division Was formed in may of 2020.


  • 1st motorized infantry regiment: commander lieutenant Noah d.
  • 2nd support infantry regiment: commander colonel sacaiv
  • the 3rd Pioneers. Commander: TBD. the 4th Pioneers is a engineering regiment that is attached to the 3rd infantry, they are ether pulled to the front to build defenses of bridges or taken for multi-Micronatinol projects such as, The Isadora project
  • the 4th death korp regiment. Commander: none. The 6th stormtroopers is a Elite group of New German soldiers who are A regiment in the 3rd infantry division. they wear ether a ww1 or ww2 German uniform with special permison from the Kaiser.
  • 24th grenadines(group 1)
  • the 3rd Swiss guard. Commander: John B. The 3rd Swiss guard is the first unit that is stationed in another country(ilinay) it is considered a New German expirationiery Force. They are equipped with a verity of different airsoft guns.

Note: the 24th grenadiers is not shone because it is a unit of the New German reenactment society, this can be deployed as a combat team under the 5th stormtroopers regiment. (for the New German re-enacting any SS unit is forbidden for as long as micronation on New German territory exists)

Sub Branches

The one current sub branch is the Boarder guard. The 1st border guard division acts as a border protection unit and a police force.


The uniform for infantry is: m1 canvas field cap or boonie hat, OD shirt, Od or camouflage fatigues of bdu's, m1 combat boots black or jungle, m2 or m3 Y or H harness, and airsoft gun witch will vary from soldier to soldier. The uniform may also have: rank distinguishing patches or pins. For NCO's in editon to the base line kit; camouflage or kaki field tunic, name above right breast pocket. For officers(junior officers) there is nothing to defer the uniform from NCO's. Officers(Officer and above) are issued 1 field tactics book to regimental or divisional commander only, m1 combat vest, and dress blade of bayonet charges and close quarters combat, division commanders may carry binoculars. For stormtroopers the new German re-enacting society will give basic guide lines. Issued is also a New german Identification Papers for identification.

All Senior Officer and above Main combat ranks
all GS1-2 SOF1-3 OF1-6 E 1-9
Winter uniform General staff uniform Senior Officer uniform Officer uniform Enlisted uniform
thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png


General staff Senior officers Officers Junior Officers
SOF-11 SOF-10 OF-9 OF-8 OF-7 OF-6 OF-5 OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Senior field marshal Field marshal Senior general General Junior general Colonel Lieutenant colonel Major Captain Lieutenant 1st class Lieutenant 2nd class
thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png

Senior Non Commissioned Officers Non Commissioned Officers Enlisted men
E-9 E-8 E-7 E-6 E-5 E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1
Sergeant Major Gunny sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant 3rd class Sergeant 2nd class Sergeant 1st class Corporal Private 1st class Private
thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png thumb.png