Prime Minister of Wegmat

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Prime Minister of the
Federal Union of Wegmat
Dylan Achterhof

since 4 April 2019
ResidenceTwo Pine
Term lengthOne year
Formation30 November 2018
SalaryNone claimed

The Prime Minister of Wegmat is the head of government of the Federal Union of Wegmat. The current incumbment is Dylan Achterhof. The prime minister is the chief executive of the Council of State. The prime minister selects and appoints all ministers and has the power to issue executive orders. The prime minister is nominated by Wegmat Parliament and as such is a member of parliament. The prime minister is appointed by the president after their nomination. The prime minister can be removed either by order of the president or a vote of no confidence. Although not in the constitution, it is tradition for the Prime Minister to sever as chair of parliament. The chair of parliament is not a constitutional position and was created by parliament.

Portait Name Party Appointed by Term
Cole Baird Founders Party Royal appointment
Provisional appointment
Vincent C.
Ian Brandis
James Panton
30 November 2018 - 11 June 2023
Dylan Achterhof Democratic Socialist Party of Wegmat James Panton 11 June 2023 - Present