Council of State (Wegmat)

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Council of State
Flag of the Council of State of Wegmat.png
Cabinet of Wegmat
Date formed26 August 2020 (2020-08-26)
People and organisations
Head of stateJames Panton
Head of governmentCole Baird
No. of ministers10
Member partyFounders Party
Opposition partyDeer Party
Outgoing electionDecember 2022
Legislature term(s)1 year
Budget(s)22,000 Gø
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Politics and government
of the Federal Union of Wegmat
Codified Laws
Foreign relations
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The Council of State is the cabinet of the Federal Union of Wegmat. It is made up of all the ministers and the president. The council of state is appointed by the Prime Minister of Wegmat who is set by the President of Wegmat. The Council of State is usually the same party as the president as the prime minister chooses their own party. Prime Minister Cole Baird has chosen a mild variety of parties, however. There are 12 positions but only 10 members because Prime Minister Cole holds two other positions that are vacant.


  • President - James Panton
  • Prime Minister - Cole Baird
  • Minister of Defense - Ian Brandis
  • Minister of Justice - Galen W.
  • Minister of Foreign Exchange - Tommy C.
  • Minister of Finance - Alexis P.
  • Minister of Environment - Clayton B.
  • Minister of Transportation - Cole Baird
  • Minister of Federal Services - Caelian B.
  • Minister of the Post - Cole Baird
  • Minister of Agriculture - Steve F.
  • Minister of Health - Alex N.
  • Minister of Utility - Mick B.