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Charriot'sVille redirects here. For the former Kapresh county, see Charriot'sVille County

Autonomous City of Charriotsville
Chapel of Joseph the Patriarch in Charriotsville
Chapel of Joseph the Patriarch in Charriotsville
Semper Nobilis
(Latin: Always Noble)
Country Kapreburg
Established (city)2 January 2018
Established (county)25 July 2020
Incorporated22 May 2023
 • Total0.08 km2 (0.03 sq mi)
 • Water0 km2 (0 sq mi)

Charriotsville, officially the Autonomous City of Charriotsville is the capital city of Kapreburg. It was originally established as a city on 2 January 2018, when Kapreburg was founded. It became a county on 25 July 2020, and under the Administrative Divisions Act, it was established as an autonomous city.


Charriotsville was originally founded as a city in 2015, and was the capital city of Zekia. The city became the de facto capital of Protzkya in 2017, and the official capital of Kapreburg in 2018. Originally, Charriotsville was incorporated as part of the Federal Republic of Norticia, during the Kapresh federation. It remained as the capital city of Kapreburg, although Norticia became a province under the Republic, and then under the Empire. On 25 July 2020, Charriotsville was incorporated as a county, but remained the capital. On 22 May 2023, as part of the Administrative Divisions Act of 2023, Charriotsville became an autonomous city, and remained as the capital of Kapreburg. Until 2023, the name of the city was stylized as "Charriot'sVille".


Charriotsville is the most developed area in Kapreburg, at least in terms of development by Kapresh citizens. Charriotsville is home to Chapel of Joseph the Patriarch, Cairo Road, and Fort Koff.