Cairo Road

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Cairo Road
Cairo Road in October 2022
General information
Maintained by Ministry of Transport
ExistedDecember 2021-present
Nation Kapreburg
City Charriotsville
List of roads in Kapreburg

Cairo Road is a road in Charriotsville. It was originally paved on 21 December 2021, but was only a few feet long. It was originally called Charriot'sVille County Highway 1, but when the counties were abolished, and Charriotsville became a city, it was renamed Cairo Road, which was suggested by Matthew Hughes. It traverses Ryan's Woods, and was constructed to be the easiest possible path through the forest. It is mostly walked on but can be used by mountain bikes. It goes past the Chapel of Joseph the Patriarch, which the address of is 1 Cairo Road.

Cairo Road begins on the eastern edge of Ryan's Woods, and follows the clearest possible path for a while until a little bit past the chapel. There are plans to extend the road to Charriot's Creek, but there are a few patches of rough terrain and heavy forestation which will be difficult to get through.

It was constructed using a method used by Kapresh engineers called "uprooting". The area of the path is first swept and cleaned up, then a stick or other tool is used to scrape the dirt, uprooting plants and grass, leaving a clean dirt trail.