Matthew Hughes

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Matthew Hughes

Sir Matthew Hughes in January 2023 (cropped).png
Hughes in January 2023
BornSeptember 27, 2006
Allegiance Kapreburg
Service/branch Kapresh Royal Army
Years of service2019-present
Commands heldHMS Charriot'sVille, Royal Kenton Rifles
SignatureMatthew Hughes John Hancock.png

Sir Matthew Hughes CKE GFP is a Kapresh soldier, holding the rank of Colonel in the Kapresh Royal Army. He also serves in the Parliament of Kapreburg.

Titles, styles, honors, and arms

Titles and styles

25 November 2020 – 18 February 2021
Able bodied seaman Matthew Hughes
18 February 2021 – 16 June 2021
Petty Officer Matthew Hughes
16 June 2021 – 23 August 2021
Petty Officer Sir Matthew Hughes, First Lord Hughes CKE
23 August 2021 – present
Colonel Sir Matthew Hughes, First Lord Hughes CKE


Coat of arms of Matthew Hughes
Coat of arms of Sir Matthew Hughes.svg
On a wreath of the colours Argent and Sable, a campfire Proper atop a grassy mound Vert
Sable, on a chevron Argent cotticed Or surrounded by 3 lions rampant of the second, 5 ermine spots of the field
On the dexter a deer rampant Sable langued and armed Argent, on the sinister a horse rampant Argent langued and armed Sable
A chess board proper
PACEM PER VIRES (Latin: Peace through strength)


Ribbon bars worn by Matthew Hughes
Ribbon bar of a Commander of the Order of the Kapresh Empire.svgRibbon bar of a Grand Officer of the Order of Fidelity and Patriotism.svgKapresh Achievement Medal Ribbon bar.svg