Constitution of Kapreburg

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Constitution of Kapreburg
JurisdictionEmpire of Kapreburg
Created5 January 2022; 20 months ago (2022-01-05)
BranchesThree (executive, legislature, judiciary)
ExecutivePrime Minister
JudiciaryThe Excellent Supreme Court of the Empire of Kapreburg
Electoral collegeNo
Author(s)Jackson I, Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed
SignatoriesJackson I
SupersedesConstitution of Kapreburg (2019)

The Constitution of the Empire of Kapreburg is the supreme law of Kapreburg.


2019 Republic Constitution

The first constitution ever passed in Kapreburg was passed on 25 January 2019, three days after the formation of the Republic of Kapreburg. It did not hold up legally, as it was very poorly worded, and littered with grammatical mistakes. It was heavily inspired by the Constitution of the United States, and established an office of President and Vice President, as well as a Congress and an office of Chief Justice.

2019 Imperial Constitution

The 2019 Imperial Constitution was passed on 15 August 2019, three months after the formation of the Empire of Kapreburg. Again, it was very poorly worded and could never hold up legally. It established the title of Tsar, and an office of Prime Minister, as well as a Congress.

2022 Constituton

After realizing how horrible the 2019 Imperial Constitution was, Jackson I and Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed decided to begin drafting a new constitution. The constitution had been fully written by 12 December 2021, and passed later that day. On 5 January 2022, Jackson I officially signed it into law.