Royal Kenton Rifles

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Royal Kenton Rifles
Badge of the Royal Kenton Rifles
Active2021 - present
Country Kapreburg
Allegiance Jackson I
Branch Kapresh Royal Army
TypeFoot Guard
RoleLight infantry
  • Generals of the Army: 1
  • Colonels: 1
  • Lieutenants: 1
  • Sergeant Majors: 1
  • Staff Sergeants: 1
  • Sergeants: 1
  • Corporals: 1
Total: 7
Colonel in ChiefHM the King
Commanding OfficerCol. Matthew Hughes

The Royal Kenton Rifles is an infantry regiment of the Kapresh Royal Army. The Royal Kenton Rifles is the main regiment of the Kapresh army, and the largest. All domestic soldiers of Kapreburg are in the Royal Kenton Rifles. The regiment also has a fife and drum band called the Regimental Band of the Royal Kenton Rifles.


The Royal Kenton Rifles was formed on 17 April 2021, and was the first regiment formed in the Kapresh Royal Army formed for combat. The regiment's first battle was the Battle of Whynofly on 8 May 2021. On 23 August 2021, Matthew Hughes, who fought in the Battle of Whynofly was promoted to Colonel, and appointed to command the Royal Kenton Rifles.

Battle of Whynofly

On 6 May 2021, the Royal Kenton Rifles were told they would fight at Whynofly on the 8th of May. They began training immediately. On 8 May 2021, Jackson I and Matthew Hughes lead the Royal Kenton Rifles to Loves Peak, where they met Weg soldiers. Eventually the Royal Kenton Rifles lead Kapreburg to victory in the battle by making F.C.O. Weiler surrender.

Midlothian War

The Royal Kenton Rifles were the main Kapresh unit fighting in the Midlothian War, and fought in every battle of the war. Many members of the unit were granted the Midlothian Star for their service in the war.