Deputy Prime Minister of Kapreburg

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Deputy Prime Minister of the
Empire of Kapreburg
Coat of arms of the Empire of Kapreburg.svg
Sander Koff

since 4 October 2021
Term lengthOne year
Inaugural holderIsaiah Rivera
Formation22 September 2019
SalaryNone claimed

The Deputy Prime Minister of the Empire of Kapreburg is a mainly ceremonial-role of the nation, as the nation is an absolute monarchy. They are considered part of the Prime Minister's cabinet, and are chosen by the Prime Minister shortly after the Prime Minister wins the election.

Deputy Prime Ministers of Kapreburg

Prime minister Portrait Tenure Political affiliation
(at time of appointment)
Prime Minister Head(s) of State
Took office Left office
1 Isaiah Rivera Rt Hon Isaiah Rivera.png 22 September 2019 22 August 2020 Exampliary Party Cameron Koehler Jackson I
2 Ian Douglas Smith II Coat of arms of Ian Douglas Smith II.svg 4 October 2020 6 November 2020 Monarchist-Libertarian Party Isaiah Rivera Jackson I
3 Cameron Koehler CameronI-OfficialPortrait-December2020.png 6 November 2020 16 January 2021 Exampliary Party Ian Douglas Smith II Jackson I
4 Aidan McGrath Aidan in May, 2019.png 16 January 2021 22 April 2021 Exampliary Party Cameron Koehler Jackson I
5 Sander Koff Sander II in 2021.jpg 4 October 2021 Incumbent Exampliary Party Cameron Koehler Jackson I

Rank by time in office

Rank President Time in office
* Time with no Deputy Prime Minister 1 year, 87 days
1 Isaiah Rivera 335 days
2 Aidan McGrath 95 days
3 Cameron Koehler 71 days
4 Sander Koff 116 days
5 Ian Douglas Smith II 33 days