Exampliary Party

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ChairmanCameron I
SecretaryMario Rivera
Slogan'For the better’
Founded1 August 2019
HeadquartersAncellotta, Ikonia
Membership  (2019)2
Political positionCentre-right
Official colors     Black (customary)
Seats in the Kapresh Congress
0 / 3

The Exampliary Party, stylized as exampliary is a Kapresh center-right political party. It was founded around 3:45 IST on 1 August 2019 by Cameron Koehler who created the party as an opposition to the Conservative party, as he believed the candidates were inadequate for the Prime Minister election in September 2019. The party released a Press Letter on the candidates running in the 2019 Kapresh general election.[1]

The political stance on the party is centre-right, in which whom all members of the party believe in Integral nationalism, and Paleoconservatism.