2019 Kapresh general election

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1st Kapresh general election

← 2018 19 September 2019 2020 →
Candidate Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed Hankery Jenkinson Isaiah Rivera
Party Exampliary Independent (conservative) Independent (conservative)
Percentage 66% 33% 33%

Prime Minister before election

Aidan McGrath

Elected Prime Minister

Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed

The 2019 Kapresh general election is the first Kapresh General Election after becoming a monarchy, that was held on 19 September 2019 to elect the Prime Minister of Kapreburg. It resulted in Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed winning. The Tsar inaugurated Abrams Wiucki-Dunswed as Prime Minister and Isaiah Rivera as Deputy Prime Minister on 22 September 2019.

It is the biggest election in Kapresh history candidate-wise with more than 2 people running. It has had the most candidates in an election to drop out, with a total of 2, respectfully being Aidan McGrath and Ayden Coleman.


Exampliary Party

The Exampliary Party intends to reform the Kapresh military with the help of the Secretary of Defense, Coleman. They also wish to integrate paleoconservatism as a major ideology in Kapreburg. With bills being passed every week being written by the Chairman they are projected to be the winning party that keeps the Kapresh Congress alive.

Isaiah Rivera

Rivera intends to keep Kapreburg thriving and constantly better, claimed that a dog should be the national pet, and more. Rivera claimed that he wished for McGrath to not run for a second term in Kapreburg due to his treason charge that was dropped before he became Prime Minister. He also stated that Aidan McGrath shouldn't run under a conservative party when he was a socialist.

Hankery Jenkinson

Jenkinson, a high-ranking Baustralian naval officer, Quebecois politician, and member of the Baustralian House of Lords, is another candidate for the conservative party. As one of the highest bill producing members of the Parliament of Baustralia, Jenkinson wishes to form a bill system, citation system, and a proper military structure using the help of Baustralian king John who is Kapreburg's Chief of the Naval, Army, and Air Staff.

Jenkinson wishes to implement a regnal calendar system similar to the Baustralian and English regnal calendar, except using the house names as a base, e.g. 1 Car. which is to be read as "the first year of the reign of the Caravaggio house," or 1 Mor. which is to be read as "the first year of the reign of the Morris house."

With this, Jenkinson plans to form a bill citation system using chapter numbers similar to the Baustralian Parliament, using the Kapresh calendar as a base, e.g. 1 Mor. c. 5 for the fifth chapter passed in the first year of the reign of the Morris house. A similar system shall be used for bills, e.g. 1 Mor. b. 5 for the fifth bill introduced in the first year of the reign of the Morris house. A Act will be passed to give citations to former bills of Congress.

In addition, with the report for the reform of the Kapresh military, written by John I, Jenkinson plans to implement this report using a series of Acts of Congress. It was also rumoured that, with the support of Congress, a more traditional monarchial system shall be implemented with a royal prerogative being written.