Symbolism in New Germany

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New Germany has some unique symbolism some of which dates back hundreds of years. here is a list of symbols and there meaning in New Germany


New German State Flag

The New German Tricolor flag as a hole represents New German heritage of the German Empire. The black represents the tires on the trucks of progress. The white represents the January snow and New German independence. The red represents the blood all New Germans are ready to spill to protect the fatherland. the coat of arms in the center dose not have any specific symbolism attached however it is on the flag because Vladimir Baruh thinks it looks cool. there have been many variations to the New German Tricolor most notable one with the addition of a New German Hammer and Compass which to many is strange because of a New Germany's deep seeded hatred to communism. early renditions included a plain tricolor or at one point a Prussian Eagle. the Original Tricolor is also the base for all colonial and territorial however these flags invert the flag horizontally.

Flag Name time used
Original Tricolor 13 January 2020 - 20 March 2021
Hammer and Compass Tricolor 20 March 2021 - 22 February 2022
Draft Draft
Die ReichsFahne (the Flag of the Empire) 22 February 2022 - present

Coat of Arms

The National Coat of Arms of New Germany

the current conception of the coat of arms was designed by Jack Ryan Morris. Morris presented a coat of arms that would symbolically have it join the Empire of Kapreburg. Vladimir Baruh was not fully on board with this so a second version was drafted. Vladimir liked the second draft so adopted it as the National Coat of Arms. the double headed Hawk also referred to as the New German Aquila, depicts Weimar and Levare. the Hawk in the center depicts the people of New Germany and has the national motto. the banner underneath has the unofficial motto of New Germany.

state coat of arms(Former)

The New German coat of arms is quiet complicated and was never officially used by the New German Government on any official documents. this comception of the coat of arms was official from 13 January 2020 - 20 February 2022.

  • 1. Gott mit uns : represents the motto of New Germany.
  • 2. Two Iron crosses : represents the Kaiser's and Jac ò rov's Iron crosses for there bravery in the weg war.
  • 3-a. The New German waffenampt : the National eagle symbol on all government documents.
  • 3-b. A crown : represents the province Die Hiemat.
  • 3-c. A circle of stars : represents the province Nördliches Land.
  • 3-d. A Hammer : represents Vladimir Baruh's father being a carpenter and the construction of New Germany.
  • 3-e. The Rod of Asclepius/ a snake : represents Vladimir Baruh's mother being a nurse and how New Germany will do everything to keep it's citizens safe.
  • 3-f. A cross : represents the province südliches Land.
  • 4. A K98 rifle : represents the heavy military production in New Germany.
  • 5. Dose not exists
  • 6. The name of the country : represents the nation as a hole.
  • 7. Xiii lunuari xxxx : in latin translates to 13 January 2020.
  • 8. Two new German soldiers : represents two new German soldiers standing stead fast to defend New Germany.
  • 9. The New German Tricolor flag : see Flag(s)
  • 10. The new german flag of Nördliches Land : represents New Germany's first conception and oldest city.