Two Week War

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Two Week War
Part of Cicero Spenninger

Leaked Weg intelligence map of occupied lands of Hilda. Military units were denoted as blue circles for Wegmat and black circles for Confederation of Weimar. Settlements are denoted by blue points. Isadora, North Bend, Little Warsaw and Colorado Depot are the incorporated cities. Luxe Farm and Miner's Station are unincorporated communities. Fort Bailey is a Weg military installation. Occupied settlements are in black text.
Date12 April 2023 - 28 April 2023
South central Hilda
Supported by
Confederation of Weimar (de facto)
Kingdom of Ephraim
Supported by
Confederation of Weimar (de jure)
Commanders and leaders
James Panton
Cole Baird
Ian Brandis
Dylan Achterhof
Grand Rabbi Moskoff
5 Infantry Troops
1 Aircraft
5 Infantry Troops

The Two Week War or the 2023 Ephraim Invasion of Wegmat was military invasion against the Federal Union of Wegmat conducted by the Kingdom of Ephraim with the support of their leading nation; New Germany. The invasion began after a purposefully set fire destroyed several crops used to make Trugs. The invasion was the peak of of the sudden and quick rise of Weg-New German Tensions. The rise of tensions began because of the Bushwood Blockade. The Confederation of Weimar adopted the Security Act which intermined several Weg Deer. The worst treatment of which was in the Kingdom of Ephraim, deer were put to forced labor to cut down on costs of the refinement of trugs. After a trug field was burned down Ephraim launched an invasion.

The initial invasion captured nearly 30 acres of land as Weg troops moved south to defend the large city of Isadora. Troops stationed at the Fort Bailey Military Reserve were overwhelmed by the attack and lost control of the fort. The Ephraim advance was stopped by the arrival of other Weg troops and by bad weather. After a week, Ephraim lost its grounds in the rural area north of Colorado Depot leaving the invading force surrounded. Several conscripts surrendered before the volunteer troops left after the war was resolved. The war remains unresolved. Little Warsaw was the largest city captured by Ephraim Troops.


Following the unofficial end of the Midlothian War, the Kingdom of Ephraim was established as a country within the Confederation of Weimar along with Levare and Bobbygrad itself. Ephraim was founded on the territory of Occupied Rodentia, formerly the Empire of Rodentia. After Weimar annexation squirrels, the primary citizens of Rodentia, were no longer considered citizens and lost their minor domestication by Human Rodentians. Wegmat did not start off with great relations with its new neighbor after the Wegmat Ranger Service evicted the encampment of Lupis Contracting Services from Luxe Farm in Bailey National Forest. The ensuing LCS Crises angered the Ephraim government after the influx of nomads from LCS. The Cicero Speninger continued mostly by cultural harassment and minor conflicts that were not directly between Wegmat and Weimar.

In February and March 2023, there was a rise in incidents of piracy. The rise of pirate gangs such as Fiume e Roccia and the SS Adderall resulted in drastic measures to stop the robberies. In Wegmat at first local law enforcement was meant to cooperate with the Wegmat Coast Guard in the takedown of piracy. The Federal Government soon took charge but the resources of the Coast Guard and Wegmat Special Police and Investigation were outmatched by the naval ships of Fiume e Roccia Squadra. The Wegmat Navy took the lead, starting the War on Piracy. Fiume e Roccia attacked a Weg military installation leaving it destroyed. With the fear of the pirates peaking, the New German Kriegsmarine blocked its waters in Levare. The blockade was in response to the report of the Ministry of Transportation researching the possibility of a large ship with a private firm as well as the pirate. The Bushwood Blockade, according to the Wegmat Government, was a deliberate attempt to siege Bushwood. A large deployment of the Wegmat Marines resulted to Bushwood. The Armed Forces worked with the Federal Emergency Response Agency and Bushwood agencies to mitigate the effects of the blockade. 2 divisions worth of units were deployed to Bushwood alone.

An exhausted Weg soildier.

Two nationalist groups in Bushwood began fighting each other and the Bushwood Government. A Levare Border Guardsmand was kidnapped by the White Skull in Southern Essef. Wegmat Border Police stopped the group for inspection and found the guardsmen in distress and arrested the group and returned the Guardsmen to Weimar. During all this Levare's troops were deployed to the Levare-Weg border and the Ephraim-Weg border. A standoff at two ports of entry in Paradise City, one in Isadora and one in Silver Low. New Germany during this time invaded United Salado. Weg Armed Forces were strained away from their forts to the border to counter the Levare aggression and deployed near Salado to protect national security. Special Forces were deployed to Bushwood in case Levare was to attempt a siege.

Ephraim's main export is Trugs, Trugs are made from grass found in wetlands and cause a pleasant sensation in the head when they are smoked, similar to smoking tea bags. Wetland grass is the main ingredient in Trugs, Wetlands are found throughout Ephraim, which is primarily a swamp. The plants are refined and mixed in cities such as Covenant and True Rainbow before being shipped to Wegmat. Wegmat blocked all shipments from the Confederation of Weimar during the Bushwood blockade. Several Weg citizens were incarcerated by the Confederation of Weimar after riots occured Bobbygrad by the White Skull. Whitetail deer in Ephraim, who are mostly Weg citizens living abroad were incarcerated at many farms growing trugs in order to shorten the plants to cut down on labor needed to refine. This caused minor outrage in Wegmat, despite the rights of deer not being a primary focus of human Wegs. In late March 2023, several wetland plants were burned. The Kingdom of Ephraim directly blamed the Wegmat Government and launched an invasion for resources.


Invasion Begins

Ephraim and Levare troops who were already mobilized began firing artillery at Weg troops stationed on the other end on Rainbow Bridge. Following this Central Command of the Wegmat Armed Forces was notified of the incident and contacted the Wegmat Foreign Exchange Mininstry. By this time Ephraim's Troops were crossing the border and found the Weg Regiment Temporary camp to be deserted. The Weg regiment moved south to defend the large Weg city of Isadora. However, Ephraim's strategy was presumably to move north to the Bay of Trees which is where the highest concentration of plants for trugs outside of southern Irving. The Wegmat Marines stationed at Sunrise Bridge were ordered to fire artillery at the troops across the bridge. The Ephraim Troops followed suit and no gains could be made at Sunrise Bridge. The Wegmat Foreign Exchange Ministry attempted to contact the Ephraim Government, but the line of communication was deserted by Ephraim. At 14:00 on 12 April, James Panton was informed of the situation. The Wegmat Ministry of Defense issued an E-5 warning along the border and closed the Ephraim Border.

Battle of Fort Bailey

Levare soildier fires at Wegs after their advanced is stopped.

Ephraim's troops move swiftly north away from Isadora. They pass through the first settlement, a small farm in Bailey National Forest run by deer. They threatened and harassed the white-tail deer residents. A company patrolling the invasion line sports the Regiment and contacted the troops on their way to the invasion line. The full regiment arrives and combats the Levare Army Corp and the New German Friekorp. The deer residents flee the area as the first skirmish of the battle ensues. A company of the regiment charged head-on at Weg troops and begins to capture an agricultural field before being eliminated. Ephraim's troops begin encircling the area where the Weg troops were and they capture the field after flanking the Wegs. The Ephraim invading force moved to Fort Bailey, a large Weg military installation. The Ephraim troop reached the west building, Fort Huppert itself. Ephraim attempted to pull the same flank but the guarding force of the fort. The Wegs succeeded at holding the Fort. Ephraim easily captured the East building which is where personal troop storage is as well as the services that support the Fort and the installation itself. Ephraim rushed the east building immediately causing Weg lines to collapse. . morale on both sides almost broke as a lack of water demoralized the combatants. the New German Red Cross sent medics for water and supplied aid to both sides, an action much to the protest of the Levare Soldiers.

Offensive Stops

The Offensive stopped as Weg troops stationed near Salado arrived at Miner's Station. Artillery arrived as well. The artillery guns used by both sides carry flour-covered tennis balls and bbs which rain down upon the enemy. Due to the large amount of area that a single shot can cover, both sides could not make any gains. During this brief period of stalemate, the weather changed for the worse. The first day of the invasion it was 30 C outside. On the fourth, it was 10 C and raining. The southern Hilda Highlands are more spital to flooding then the northern. Flooding up to 3 inches occurred north of Luxe Farm which is where many Levare soldiers were stationed. Little Warsaw received attack from the south in an attempt to liberate it, but the brief raid failed to take the city back. As the weather got colder and the offensive's height drifted further away, Wegmat took back the Thrines and wildland reserve of Bailey National Forest, both very rural areas. The invading forces however became surrounded by Weg companies attempting to advance through the impassable wildland reserve. Wegmat's 9th Infantry regiment arrived at Silver Low preparing for an invasion on 21 April, the offensive could not happen due to unknown reasons. On 21 April the eastern rural land was lost near Colorado Depot.

Surrender of Several Units

Undedicated units on the eastern edge of the front began surrendering to the Wegmat Armed Forces. With the loss of manpower in the east rural nature preserve area Ephraim and Leavre were getting squeezed. Their artillery was running low as the Wegmat Marines retook Rainbow Bridge on 27 April and the troops in Little Warsaw fled to the front. Several Units were taken as prisoners of war and the dedicated forces were trapped in Fort Bailey. New German prisoners of war were reportedly treated very inhumanly while being transported to Fort Calvary, just south of Colorado Depot.

Peace Treaty

Prime Minister Cole Baird and Kaiser Vladimir Baruh sign the treaty of Westerwald at the New German Reichstag.

As Kaiser Vladimir Baruh was already infuriated by the unauthorized invasion, the Federal Union of Wegmat was able to negotiate easily with the Grand Duchy of New Germany. The Friekorp is largely a paramilitary force in the commonwealths, making them independent from the rest of the New German Heer. Following the signing of the treaty, the Kaiser ordered all forces in Fort Bailey to leave the fort with their hands up. The troops were escorted out of Wegmat by the Wegmat Marines and all land was officially retaken. The prisoners of war at Fort Huppert were escorted by the regiment that had taken them to Fort Huppert. The troops were severely harassed and showed signs of inhumane treatment by the 21st Reserve Regiment - Hilda. The 21st Reserve Regiment is primarily made up of civilian volunteers who are trained when they first enlist but carry on their civilian duties until they are called up for duty in the case of an invasion. Due to the inhumane treatment by the regiment all troops in the regiment have received notices to remain in the Federal Union for an ongoing investigation by the Ministry of Defense.

The Treaty of Westerwald ended the large build-up of tensions and ended the Bushwood Blockade. All troops on either side were ordered to return to their normal garrisons instead of the border. The military presence in Bushwood left, although there was a little celebration as the people were exhausted by the Blockade. Free cheesecake from Shipstar's many kitchens was gifted to all Bushwood citizens by the Wegmat Government. The treaty also ended the interment of Weg Deer and allowed some New German police to have the ability to extradite individuals. Embassies and Consulates were founded for the first time since before Weg-New German Reunification. New German citizens were also given the choice to move back to New Germany at the Weg government's expense.

The Fawcett Agreemant was the second treaty signed between Wegmat and New Germany. The Fawcett Agreement allowed districts in multiple cities to be tax shelters for New German-operated businesses. Overall theses two treaties ended the Cicero Spenninger as the two nations had to be more careful with each other to save their economies.


Despite their status as antonyms commonwealths, Ephraim's and Levare's actions were not permitted by the Kaiser. Due to this, Vladimir Baruh was enraged. The Kaiser said the invasion was an embarrassment to the Reich. He even threatened the disbandment of the two states if they didn't call off the invasion. This public betrayal of Levare and Ephraim caused a threat of secession from the confederation. the New German Agency of foreign affairs began attempting de-escalation on both sides. However, Prime Minister Cole Baird and Minister of Foreign Exchange Tommy C. sought it more important to resolve all tensions before the invasion

The Southtopian reaction ended being diplomatic because the war brought to an end to the months of political unrest in the area and the president of Southtopia congratulates oth sides for ending political violenece and unrest.