Federal Weimar Kriegsmarine

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New German Kriegsmarine
battle flag of the kriegsmarine
Countrythumb.png Empire of New Germany
AllegianceKaiser Vladimir Baruh
BranchNew German Heer
TypeNaval service
RoleNaval combat and marine border security
Part ofStandard Kriegsmarine command structure
Garrison/HQNew Hamburg Navel base
ColorsBlue and white
MarchIn Honolulu
EquipmentStandard issue
Chief Sea MarshalKaiser Vladimir Baruh
Senior AdmiralNate M.

The New German Kriegsmarine, also known as the New German Navy, is a branch of the New German Heer. Of all branches in the Heer, it has the lowest manpower, and consists of 6 ships: 5 in the Northern Territories and 1 dry-docked.


The New German kriegsmarine plans to make a New German Coastal Defense Force, it has no ships deployed but has a ship being built. It is small but you get the point. This also means if non registered boats go through New German waters they'll be sunk by small rocks, Bottles full of water, and bottle rockets are to b shot at it.


These are the 3 divison.

  • Shipmen: shipmen is the main role of the kriegsmarine. They man and drive ship.
  • coast guard: shipmen who guard the aquatic borders.

 • the New German küstenwache Nordflotte


The Kriegsmarine uniform is not as complex as the uniform of the heer, this is because they are on boats. Uniform includes: white sailor hat, white collard shirt, blue jeans, and jungle combat boots. Officers my were a neck device, only the Iron cross 1st class on the uniform. The kriegsmarine dose not usually use anti personal weapons, but officers us swords and the P-38 Officer side arm. Enlisted men use the Mp-40 in limited numbers. Marines use the MP-40, K98k, P-38, Fg-42, Gewehr 43, MG-34/42, and stg-44. Marines may choose witch weapon above they wish to us.

Winter Uniform General staff Ship personnel
All GS OF-1-4 E 1-5
Winter uniform General staff uniform Officer uniform Enlisted uniform


side staff Ship staff
All All All All
Signalmen Corpsmen Radioman Boatsman

the boatmen

The boatmen drive boats they are often NCO's of Officers but if enlisted men are good at driving boats they can become boatsmen.

The Radiomen

The radiomen use radios to come in contact with other: Kriegsmarine vessels, foreign vessels, and Naval bases to dock. They also help navigate.

the Corpsmen

Pronounced: kore-man, these men(or women) learn advanced medical training to help several wounded sailors and marines.

the Signalmen

These sailors act as Radiomen if the radio breaks or malfunctions in anyway. They also act as engineers when not signaling.

Awards and Decoration


Senior officers Junior Officers
OF-4 OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Admiral Captain Cadet 1st class Cadet 2nd class
NCO Enlisted men
E-5 E-4 E-3 E-2 E-1
Master chief Petty officer Seaman 3rd class Seaman 2nd class Seaman 1st class

how to wear

The sailor will wear 2 patches there rank on the right and job on left. The to of each patch should be ~3 inches from the seem of the shoulder.

Names of the Kaisers ships

These are the Names, Classes, and History of each ship. NGS stands for New German Ships.

  • Ngs Illinois. The Ngs Illinois is a cruiser class Battle ship. Its first debuted in January 2016. Its been in German lake Geneva and the Northern Territory’s it is dry docked for the winter in the nördliches land.
  • Ngs Indiana. The Ngs Indiana is a cruiser class Battle ship. Its first debut was in the summer (eastern time) of 2019 on Font lake in the Northern Territory’s. It usually is only put in to action In the summer.
  • Ngs Michigan. The Ngs Michigan is a cruiser class Battle ship. Its first debut was in the summer (eastern time) of 2019 on Font lake in the Northern Territory’s. It usually is only put in to action In the summer. It currently dry docked to a undetermined date.
  • Ngs Hawaii and Alaska. These ships are patrol class Battle ships. They both debuted in the Northern Territory’s in the summer(eastern time) of 2019. They are exactly the same, and they are both stationed in the Northern Territory’s.
  • Ngs Expendable. The Ngs expendable first debuted on January 20, 2020. It is a destroyer class Battle ship
  • Ngs Rutabaga. See page.