Wegmat Marines

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Wegmat Marines
Country Wegmat
TypeArmy and Marines
RoleGround combat and Navel Infantry
EquipmentL5 Bolt Action
M4 Machine Gun
Northstar Artillery
L8 Artillery
L6 Sword
EngagementsSquirrel Tower Offense
Shoe War
NWR Conflict
Weg-New German War
Great Des Plaines Valley War
Commander-in-ChiefPresident James Panton
GeneralIan Brandis

The Wegmat Marines is the army and marines of the Federal Union of Wegmat and the Wegmat Armed Forces. It was the first branch to be established.

The Marines also have a stockpile of ammunition and other unknown firearms that are stated to be used “for the defense from a lethal enemy”. Two Pine has three shotguns, one .308 rifle and a .22 repeating rifle.

A G.I. of the 1st Armored Division.

The Marines are split into 2 units: non-lethal and lethal. The Lethal Unit is all reserve and to only be used in emergencies. The Unit’s headquarters are in Cenwister in the Cenwister Federal Emergency Complex. The non-lethal unit is split into the 1st and 2nd infantry division. The 2nd infantry division is usually made up of contracted troops from the New German Heer. The 1st Armored division uses shields and airsoft machine guns and other heavy weapons. The 3rd Swordsman Division uses blunt swords.

The second-largest conflict the Marines have fought was the NWR Conflict. The marines were deployed for a total of 2 months, there were 3 skirmishes mainly fought on the northern part of central Bobbygrad. Previously they had been deployed in Priory National Park. In the Shoe war against New Asia United. The most recent conflict was against New Germany which has legally seceded from Wegmat. The largest conflict ever fought in Wegmat with a total of 3 skirmishes and 2 battles one of which was the Battle of Priory. All were Wegmat losses during the war.


1st Infantry Division

  • 1st Infantry Regiment
  • 2nd Infantry Regiment
  • 3rd Artillery Regiment
  • 4th Reconnaissance Regiment

2nd Infantry Division

  • 4th Artillery Regiment
  • 5th Infantry Regiment
  • 6th Construction Regiment
  • 7th Civil Regiment

3rd Infantry Division

  • 1st Expedition Regiment
  • 9th Infantry Regiment

4th Infantry Division

  • 10th Navel Regiment
  • 11th Navel Regiment

1st Armored Division

  • 12th Artillery Regiment
  • 13th Heavy Gunnery Regiment
  • 1st Tank Regiment

101st Calvary Division

  • 1st Special Operation Unit
  • 2nd Special Operation Unit

1st Calvary Division

  • 19th Bike Regiment
  • 20th Bike Regiment


Enlisted Ranks

Wegmat Wegmat Marines
First Class Officer Second Class Officer Sergeant Private

Commissioned Ranks

Wegmat Wegmat Marines
General of the Marines Commander Lieutenant