New German Ranger Service

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New German Ranger Service
New German Ranger corp
PTAC Rangers
New German Ranger Service Badge and Seal
Mottoalso immer zu den Tyrannen
thus always to tyrants
Agency overview
Annual budget1,000,000 ℛℳ
Jurisdictional structure
Operations jurisdictionConfederation of Weimar
Size564.4 Sq. Km
Legal jurisdictionAll of Weimar, mostly National Forest
Governing bodyNew German Heer
department of the Riechs-Kommandant Ministry
Operational structure
HeadquartersNew German Reichstag
Bobbygrad, Confederation of Weimar
Sworn Officers5
Unsworn Officers10
Agency executive
  • Owen O., Chief Senior Ranger
  • Medical
  • Immediate Threat Response
  • Regular Response
  • ecological Protection Service

The New German Ranger service also known as the New German Ranger Corp, and the Nakoosan branch called the PTAC Rangers, is the law enforcement agency of Riechs-Kommandant and operate in Wilderness territory areas. it was formed with the Riechs-Kommandant as a wilderness and ecological Protection Service. they have legal jurisdiction everywhere in the whole Confederation of Weimar but are stationed in the Colonial sections of New Germany.

Uniform and Equipment

the dress uniform and field uniform of the Ranger corp is a campaign hat, green field blouse, a khaki long sleeve shirt, green pants, and black jackboots. on the field blouse the rank pins are to be displayed on collar. the blouse also has 6 buttons, one at the top being undone. on the left shoulder, 4 inches down from the seam, is the logo of the Ranger Corp. while on patrol the blouse may be taken of and have only the shirt displayed. the Shirt, on the left shoulder 4 inches down from the seam, has the logo of the Ranger Corp. if the shirt is worn on its own then the rank pins should be put on the collar. during ceremonial events then a black tie will be worn on the service shirt.

a Ranger on Patrol will have a leather belt with one shoulder strap. on the belt a fixed blade knife with a black sheath will also be worn. in a combat situation an ammo pouch will be issued and a bayonet. this equipment will be issued on the bases of what is available during the specific situation.

the Ranger Corp has a variety of vehicles, the most common being Bikes and are used for patrols and long range patrols. in territory with bodies of water the ranger corp also will use canoes and kayaks. additionally the 1st Panzer Division also leases 2 jeeps for carrying Equipment and large amounts of rangers.

Ranks and Training

Rangers have a week of formal training on topics such as Bushcraft, Civics, first aid, and law enforcement. after this week they are considered junior rangers. junior rangers, also called cadets, serve mostly as regular police and are stationed in higher populated areas. to be promoted to Ranger, hey must become proficient in a wide variety of equipment and vehicles as well as obtain a US Driver's license. after successfully completing these tasks, a special ceremony is in Nakoosa near Buckhorn. the last rank is Senior Ranger, this is a seasoned veteran who has received a degree from the Weimar Research Institutes and have been a ranger for a minimum of 6 months before being promoted

Officers Junior Officers
OF-3 OF-2 OF-1
Senior Ranger Ranger Junior Ranger