Senior Field Marshal Raph Baruh

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Raph in his house
BreedRed-eared slider
BornChicago metropolitan area
November 2016
DiedAugust 2021
Raphs Manor
Cause of deathNatural causes
Resting placereich chancellery Cemetery of Hero's
Nation fromNew German
OccupationPrime Minister of New Germany, solider
EmployerNew German military
Notable role2nd head of state
Years active4
Known forBeing a good boi and the 1st Kaiser of New Germany
PredecessorTimmy the Turtle
OwnerVladimir Baruh
Residence24-1 Bobby,
New Germany
Named afterThe Ninja Turtle
AwardsOrder of The Iron Cross 1st class

Senior Field Marshal Raph Michel Baruh IV, also known as Raph, is a red-eared slider and current Prime Minister of New Germany.

early life

Raph used to be owned bu some one else, we don't exactly know who but he was adopted by Jac ò rov Baruh. Jac o rov ar the start loved taking care of raph but soon he didn't really want to. So in response Vladimir Baruh took care of him. Once Wegmat Annexed Bobbygrad, Raph became part of the local government of Bobbygrad. He also became a general during the NWR conflict but retired shortly after the November 4th pact.

New Germany

Once New Germany left Wegmat raph re-joined the military and became a senior general. After the great reformation on May 1, 2020, Raph became senior Field Marshal of the Heer. Soon he became the 2nd richest person in New Germany owning 2 houses in Boobygrad


Raph's manor

His original House were he lives. It's a 10 gallon tank on a dresser with 3 inch front lawn and a 6 inch back yard. It is at 24-1 Bobby st.

Raph's Summer house

His summer house he goes to on warm days. It is ruffly 7 inches by 8 inches. It is a bit under ground were he hags out in the shade and his front lawn(75 squad feet) were he basks.