Knight's Cross (New Germany)

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Iron Cross 1st Class
Awarded by the Empire of new Germany
Type: Military Medal
Awarded For: Extreme valor in the face of bodily harm to one's self wile servings in the Heer or Kriegsmarine.
Status: Currently Awarded
Established: 13 January 2020
First Awarded: September 24th, 2020
Distinct Recipients: Sir Charlie
Next (higher): None
Next (lower): Order of The Iron Cross 1st class

The highest award that can be offered to a Soldier or Sailor in the New German military. The Award comes with these perks: The title of sir is given(Sir Bob example), the option of an honorable discharge, or it the particular Soldier or Sailor wishes to stay in the military they'll be promoted 3 ranks and receive a field commission to a officer.