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Province in the Empire of new Germany
Beaver Island, Michigan
CapitalNew Hamburg Navel base
Area848 Acres
GovernmentNew German Kriegsmarine
Head Provincial CommandantTeresa D.

This province is currently under the jurisdiction of the New German Navy. It will eventually receive a regular government at the end of Operation Beaver Tail. This claim is currently only an annexation however in September 2021 the New German military has pledged to send forces to reclaim the territory.


This territory was never incorporated into Wegmat because Vladimir Baruh didn't know about it. It was however incorporated into the Empire of New Germany(13, January, 2020–3, March, 2021) as part of the Northern territories(New Germany). It was lost during the Weg-New German Reunification. As of 6 April 2021 the Democratic New German Republic has been eyeing up the old territories of the Empire of New Germany. It was annexed on 9 April 2021.


Image taken from google earth

The Upper Timmerlands

Civilian area, open to the public. In this area there is a camping ground.

The Lower Timmerlands

Civilian area, open to the public.

Kriegsmarine Administrative area

Military area, where navy conducts drills.

Heer Administrative area

Military area, where army conducts drills.