March 28th incident

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March 28th Incident
Part of Great Des Plaines Valley War

Looking out from the school where new germany troops were spotted.
Date10 April 2021
Result United States victory
 United States Border Democratic New German Republic
Commanders and leaders
w:United States Catherine Adduci
w:United States Ben Ransom
Vladimir Baruh
Units involved
River Forest Police Department Military of New Germany
 • 2nd Panzergrenadieres
1 Police Officer 2 Infantry troops
Casualties and losses
None 1 captured

This incident happened between the Democratic New German Republic (without authorization of Weg command) and the village of River Forest. It happened during the Great Des Plaines Valley War.


The week of the day in question was District 90s spring break and this was an opportunity to conduct training exercises. However Dominican University was still in school so teachers were there.

Time line

The Operation

It was a standard patrol into priory park. Not much happened. New German soldiers went back to Bobbygrad under the impression nothing bad would happen.

Police involvement

While New German soldiers were heading to Bobbygrad a female staff member alerted the Police. This process directly closed 3 schools (Dominican University, Concordia University, and Grace Lutheran school). Police were dispatched to Bobbygrad and sent to the headquarters of the New German Department of defense where the soldiers resided.


Vladimir Baruh took responsibility for the actions of his soldiers and has yet to stand trial for it. Other than that nothing has come of it. The Wegmat Super Governmental Court has not attempted to punish any of those involved.

International response

A Facebook article was made in response however none of officers tasked for looking for could find it.