Panton Shift

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The Panton Shift was an era where several Wegs began supporting capitalism or a limited form of capitalism. When James Panton was elected President of Wegmat, he promised to bring capitalism to Wegmat. Due to the Wegmat Workers Rights Act over 90 percent of companies are co-operatively owned or union owned. James Panton and the Deer Party brainstormed ways to begin entrepreneurship in Wegmat. In April 2023 the Capitalism Act was passed in parliament. The results of the capitalism act led to loosened banking regulations which caused wealthy New Germans to found banks. The Federal Investing Authority was also established to give public funds to people wanting to found a business. It is unknown whether or not more businesses will be privatized as the Workers Rights Act gives ultimate power of the decision of ownership to the employees.


The micronation of Southtopia responded to this act as a major step out of the socialist dictadorship and off to a more capitalist and conservative Wegmat