United Labour Front

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United Labour Front
General SecretaryLayla K.
Founded7 April 2021
Headquarters01 Main Street Macegar, Levare
Layla Thought

The United Labour Front or the ULF is a revolutionary anarcho-syndicalist labour union in Wegmat. They are also a de facto political party based in the province of Levare the goal of their party is for the workers of Levare and Wegmat as a whole to control society.

The Paramilitary wing of the part, Layla's Gun Club was founded on 7 April 2021 by Layla K. to help fight in the Great Des Plaines Valley War. The Club deployed themselves in a guerrilla warfare campaign in the Silver Province of the Empire of Rodentia and is a faction opposing the Democratic Weimar Republic which is regarded as the parties worst enemy. The LGC had attempted to take New German Forest as a syndical republic.

The organization had involved themselves in the Ausverian Civil War.