Weimar 2nd Army "Nordland"

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2nd Weimar Army group "Nordland"
Standard of the army group
CountryDemocratic Weimar Republic
Allegiance Chancellor Vladimir Baruh
BranchFederal Weimar Army
TypePrimary Army group
Rolesee divisions for specific roles
Part ofStandard heer command structure
Mascot(s)The Province of Hesshnia
EquipmentStandard issue
EngagementsGreat Des Plaines Valley War
Senior field marshalChancellor Vladimir Baruh
Current commanderColonel Rob rebilmann
New German totenkofs(deaths head) vehicle symbol.thumb.png
Heer vehicle symbolthumb.png

The 2nd Army Group "Nordland" was created to help Vladimir Baruh manage his army easier wile also allowing for unit mapping and maintaining much easier. This is usually done only in war time.

Ground Elements

1st Border Guard Division

Attached to the 2nd army group due to the small size of the Weimar Grenztruppen. It's primary role is to defend borders of Weimar.

Levare Army Corp

this division is a logistics unit that specializes in railways and communication.

Air Corp Elements

There are no air elements in this Army group.

Navel Elements

The only navel element attached to this army group is the only Marine Division in Weimar. Conducting navel landings and high value targets operating in a similar capacity to the 2nd Observation Regiment.