2019 OAM Games

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2019 Intermicronational
Olympic Games
Download (6).png
HostTsardom of Phokland
Motto"First is best"
Nations participating7
Athletes participating6
Opening CeremonyCancelled
Closing CeremonyCancelled
Officially opened byCharles Ross
Preceded byFirst Games
Succeeded by2020 OAM Games

The 2019 OAM Games was the planned inaugural athletic games of the Organisation of Active Micronations. Meant to simulate the real life Olympic Games, this event was to be a competitive online tournament comprised of several events. The main difference between the OAM Games and other similar micronational contests is that (unlike said contests) the games' participents are limited to only OAM members (be they full members or observer states). The event was created as a means to increase activity within the organisation as well as to encourage friendly competition among the OAM's numerous member states.

On the 21 July, 2019, almost 11 days after the Games were supposed to start, having already been pushed back from it's original deadline once, Phokland announced that the legislative chamber voted to cancel the 2019 Games, with the focus now shifting to soring the 2020 games, scheduled for 10 January 2020.

Official Bids

Bidding Nation(s) Bid Logo Bid Entered # Out of Five
Phokland Download (7).png 7 May 2019 3
Emosia Emosia OAM 2019.png 7 May 2019 0
Lytera Lytera OAM 2019 bidflag.png 8 May 2019 1
Roscommon Roscommon OAM 2019 bidflag.png 8 May 2019 1
New Cymru OAM games 2019.jpg 9 May 2019 0

Host Selection Process

The selection process to find the host nation of the 2019 was, as described by the selectors, "lengthy and irritating". The selection began at 6:45 a.m., 12 May 2019 and lasted until 8:14 a.m. The process was originally decided to be a hat-toss, but the decision was later changed to a random spinner. After the first spin landed on Phokland, the delegate for Phokland refused and declared a three-out-of-five winner system. The other selectors, the delegates for Gradonia and Emosia, approved this move. After five spins no nation other than Phokland received a majority, in addition Phokland also received the plurality. The Phoklandian delegate again refused stating, "...I am straight up letting the next spin be the host...". The next spin would land on Lytera, who was shortly determined by the selectors to be unable to be the host nation. The decision process was again changed to a coin flip, if heads Phokland would host, if tails the spinner would be spun without Phokland as an option. The coin would land on heads and the Phoklandian delegate would, reluctantly, accept.


So far, eight nations have signed up to compete in the games, these being...


Event Gold Silver Bronze
1/4 mile run
Minecraft PVP
FIFA (Game)
Sword Fighting