State of Malinovia

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State of Malinovia
Flag of State of Malinovia
Coat of arms of State of Malinovia
Coat of arms
Motto: "In fortitudine misericordia"
"Courage in compassion"
Anthem: "March of Malinovians"
LocationPensacola, United States
and largest city
Official languages
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy (de jure)
Absolute monarchy (de facto)
• Monarch
Vincent I
Sylvie V.
Addison Dillon
Hamilton Bishop
Helge Kim
Establishment5 April 2016
• Census
CurrencyMalinovian cron
Time zoneUTC-7 (MST)

Malinovia (/mɑːl..nv..ʌ/), known in full as the State of Malinovia, is a self-proclaimed sovereign state, known as a micronation or new country project, which is not recognized by any major geopolitical organization such as the United Nations. Created in 2016 by Addison Dillon, it began as a semi-satirical childhood project that evolved into a real, physical nation; it has its own currency, newspaper, written constitution, jobs, identity cards, national anthem, and genuine independence movement.

Malinovia's activities are largely constrained to the MicroWiki sector and to a lesser extent on Facebook. It has shown intentions to expand further, possibly as far as Reddit and Twitter, but this has not been confirmed nor denied by the government. Malinovia has all of her territories located inside the United States in various places. The parish of Auroris is located in Florida, whereas Canefield, Fernchester, Ashbrook, and Fenwick are in Washington. The parish of Angel Island is completely surrounded on all sides by the Columbia River; and de facto has its own exclusive economic zone, despite the fact that it is on the Oregon side of the river.

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