Sovensteinian War

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The Sovensteinian War was a conflict between Sovenstein and the combined CAS forces of the Kingdom of Abujistan, Delphian Union, Glorian Union, Republic of Malinovia (now State of Malinovia), United Land of Noastan, and Republic of Stedfast.

Rising tensions

Sovenstein had posted unprovoked crude comments on members of the CAS' YouTube channels. They declared war on 27 December 2019.

Real-world conflicts

Sovenstein launched a large-scale offensive in Stedfast's largest agricultural city of Casavo. The battle started at 8:46 am and was a 2-hour engagement. The Stedfastians, outnumbered 6 to 1, retreated. There were 4 injuries in total, 2 on each side.


While successful, Sovenstein lost the war due to threats given by the Republic of Malinovia and the Republic of Stedfast. The Treaty of Adillon was signed, stating that Sovenstein could no longer show aggression towards the CAS, limited Sovenstein's military manpower to 10 until 3 January, and required that Sovenstein pay 50 Sovs (equivalent to 75 USD), split evenly among CAS members.